Asmodeus wants a sandwich... (Serious Post)

Asmodeus doesn’t grant wishes like a genie in a lamp. Today I made a sandwich and ate it all by myself. No voices in my head. Nothing. Until.

The inner-child voice came instead. “Remember the ghostly, white screaming lady you used to see, when you shut your eyes?”

Another thought: I am still waiting for that sandwich.

Inner-child: You forgot me.

Please note: This is real, not a story.

The screaming, white lady is Lilith. If anyone has any other insight as to why she would have shown herself like this, any insight would be helpful.

Other than this, I will be crying myself a river.

Edited: To add content. And grammar, because I suck at grammar. :roll_eyes:

I heard somewhere on here that Asmodeus also likes Pizza :yum: when I start working with him I’d love to try to make him some even though I have no idea on how I’m gonna do it though, not to mention I’ve never made pizza before.

I’m thinking:

banana peppers
OH! and garlic crust maybe…

What Scallions go good on pizza or is that a weird combination? Mmm…I don’t know yet.:thinking: I have to think about this more lol! But I would love to post a picture of this on my workings with him.

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Yup, Asmodeus loves pizza! Except you’re brave for attempting to make pizza - I am a little lazy in the pizza department. I would just get it delivered from a local place, not a chain pizza restaurant. :roll_eyes:

That’s the beauty of pizza, you can make it however you want it. Except, I’d make Asmodeus mad as I would want the entire pizza for myself. :crazy_face: Dinner, breakfast, lunch.

Post how your experience goes with making pizza. In the meantime, I’ve got to figure out how to cook chicken.


anyone can cook chicken. the question is can you cook it so that it’s tasty and edible?

You can do a pizza sandwich for amodeus.


That would be a calzone, my love. :kissing_heart:

A calzone is an Italian oven-baked folded pizza, in the USA often described as a turnover made with folded leavened dough. It originated in Naples in the 18th century although, according to the Slow Food foundation, it was also produced in Basilicata around the same time.

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no. not calzone. lol

some are calzone but there are ones with grilled sandwich bread. haha. see them lovely delicious pictures? makes you hungry huh?

of course there are other cultures that have different names for it. lol. like Saltimbocca

you can try another dish. lunch or dinner crepes not the desert kind. yummy!!

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I know all about crepes!

My Father lived in France for 2+ years, along with Germany for a bit. And Julia Childs is one of my favorites.

It’s best to say what you mean when you write, or else, it’s open for intruptation.

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