Asmodeus spell

Anyone got Asmodeus spell, that I can invoke Asmodeus with?

Dude, stop asking the same question with different spirits attached.

You can evoke Asmodeus with the same technique you can use for any other spirit. Try using the search function at least once for the gods’ sake.

Type in “evocation guide” and click the third option. It gives you all you need to know to call on any demon.


I know, but one guy told me he has Asmodeus spell, and he can invoke him with that, I wanna know what is it…

Magick is about exploration and experimentation. Research and build your own, find the basics and build out. This goes for all your magickal workings.

The spell your friend have might be from Asmodeus himself and have have been asked not to share it.


No, he said that I can’t really banish him if I use it…

No and i wouldn’t give it to you even if i did.
Sometimes there’s a reason why you can’t contact certain entities. Maybe he just doesn’t want to work with you. Simple.


Who wants to work with me… I don’t see any results or any presence I want some entities who wanna work with me…

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or maybe the reason he is being drawn to him is because he wants to work with him

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I had dream about him when I wasn’t even thinking about him that day… Maybe that’s the sign I asked for one request but didn’t get it fullfilled yet…

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Pick a system an use it again and again and again. And again. Read ‘Demons of Magick’ by Gordon Winterfield or ‘Evoking Eternity’ by EA Koetting. Practice is the only method pf improvement.


Which system are you using?

Evoking Eternity

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Bro. You Don’t ask for help and then banish. You just DON’T. Don’t do this. Don’t! No. No no no! Warning! No.


That time when you didn’t go after a given to you girl… no the wish was granted to you lol

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Yes yes I know right, but that guy said that I can’t banish him after that I mean why would I even banish him…

Maybe, I hope Asmdoeus isn’t dissapointed in me now…

Nah bro. You can make it work. But think of giving him an offering


I did give him offering (chips and water)

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Try wine, good chocolate at some point. Try to make different offerings


I’ll maybe haha

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