Asmodeus sigil under pillow

He is like that

I remember when I put the Asmodeus sigil under my pillow. I had a dream about having a psychotic little sister who wanted to kill me. (I do not have a sister in real life.) I think after that I decided I wasn’t so keen on the idea of working with Asmodeus.

Maybe it’s a coincidence but the first week I started trying to evoke it my throat hurt but it was an UNBEARABLE pain I couldn’t eat or drink anything, I had to spit out my saliva since I couldn’t swallow it, I literally spent two days fasting (all weekend of the week) I preferred death at that time, but on Monday I woke up better and was able to eat, although then I spent the whole week with a strong cough and constant sneezing, just today Friday I woke up 100% recovered but they were complicated weeks

I will try to contact Asmodeus again to see if there is any important progress

In short, no.

Did this for months with Bune landed me about $16k so I think everyone’s experience is different. I did this combined with letters, affirmations and radionics so perhaps that was the difference for me.

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I currently (and have for over a year) slept with the sigil of my patron under my pillow from a ritual a few years back. I find that I can sense them better when working with them, and it does help our connection through dreams become stronger.