Asmodeus - help with anger, emotional issues?

For a while now I’ve been dealing with anger/emotional issues. It’s really affecting my relationship with my husband. I snap at him over stupid it stuff and it really hurts him. I’ve said sorry so many times. I want to be a better person and heal our relationship. For some reason Asmodeus keeps coming to my mind for this. Can Asmodeus help with these issues? Anyone have experience with this?


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Yes he can help you Seeker

He’s reaching out to you…call on him and see what he can do for you.:bouquet:

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His energy is very active. He might amplify the effects of the anger and provoke outbursts. That was just me though. You might have a different experience with him.

Try an entity who’s more sedative and water-oriented such as Sallos. He’s heavy but can calm the mind rather well and is apt for creating connections with people.

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