Asmodeus and his role in the Qliphoth?

Hello everyone!

I want to know which role Asmodeus plays in the Tree of Death? Over which Qlipha does he rule?
Da’ath? I’m not sure. Please, bring me light.

Which position and tasks has
Asmodeus within the Qliphoth?

Everything I get to know from your experience
with the Qliphoth related to Asmodeus will be
highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

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He is Lord/overseer of the Martin Qlippa of
Golachab. He is incredible and my best advice for him is have 0 expectations of who he is, how he will present or in what manner he will teach. If you’re open he’s very willing to teach and share, he’s exceptionally complex, but very up to interact with a willing student.


Asmodäus is the destroyer of Sodom&Gomorrha.

I’ve read the spirits of Golachab stand for radical concepts and inspire dictator regimes f.e.
And they are said to bring Anarchy.
That as far as I found it on an other page.

‘‘Golachab corresponds to sadistic sexual urges, military power, courage and aggression, masculinity, and slaughter. The energies of Golachab can serve to provoke combat, lust, bloodshed, assassination, warfare, punishment, and conflict.’’

As to his titles it really depends on source for what they believe or which you want to use. Everyone experiences things differently, Aseneth Mason has some amazing work out on the Qliphoth, as does V.k. Jehannum. It’s far less about sadistic sexual urges and more about pain as a way to ascend and a trial by fire where you are broken down and have to rise above.

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What do you mean with ‘trial by fire’?

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Thank you.
“Feuerprobe” in German :slight_smile:

I was recommended to go with Asmodeus right
‘to the ordeal’ of the Qliphoth. It’s a crazy way I’m
told but I could test it. But until January my Magick has a break from May on.
Then I will revive my mirror magic.

On this map Golachab is connected to Astaroth.
The maps and deity descriptions for the Qliphoth are quite confusing.

Different maps are different. I suggest it’s best to just pick one and stick with it.
I’m using V K Jehannum’s descriptions and not looking at the diagrammatic tree.

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The most maps are junk.
I want to write my own one where
Malkuth is called Nahemoth and not Lilith…
Where Yesod is Gamaliel and there reigns
Lilith and so on…

According Thomas Karlsson, Asmoday is the ruler of the Qlipha Golachab. This Qlipha is associated with the fire, war, and destruction. It corresponds to the planet Mars.


I agree with you.
And in Thaumiel rules Lucifer, not Satan, right?

I have seen two different opinions. According Thomas Karlsson, the Thaumiel is ruled by Satan and Moloch. This Qlipha is divided and has two rulers. It corresponds to the number 11=10+1 (11-pointed Qliphotic star). But Asenath Mason somewhere mentions the Lucifer as the lord of Thaumiel.

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I think Lucifer is just called Satan there.
I would wonder if I would find Kenneth Grant’s Satan-Set (he introduced to myself as Wedya)
in Thaumiel. According to my belief the real Satan is only published in the Nightside of Eden.

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Yes, probably. But I am personally always considering the Satan and Lucifer as the different spirits.

I think it may benefit you to understand that magic systems, maps, the like, are frameworks, they are not hard truths, they are a series of points meant to make it easier to gain a perspective on relative things. There’s many reasons why Gautama taught the following All dharma is empty, even the dharma of empty dharma, one of which is that ideas and knowledge have no inherent worth, that we are the ones that assign them values, so we are able to gain perspective, insight, and understanding. Don’t get caught up on one framework being infallible, or you may miss out. Frameworks are only ever meant to be temporary things, to be changed as needed, when our perspective changes.

Try to find something from Kenneth Grant about ‘‘Satan-Set’’. He is the last living student of
Aleister Crowley who got Set’s sigil 1912.

On that qliphothic maps I agree with you.
They should mean Lucifer with Satan but
due to I more than once had contact with
Satan I am sure he is not Lucifer.

Edit: Sorry I read you wrong.

Meaning this map…
The authors of the maps could have done better
(practical?) research because there are three or four different versions.

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Try to find something from Kenneth Grant about ‘‘Satan-Set’’

Yes, I have read the “Nightside of Eden” and “Cults of Shadows”. I find these books excellent.

due to I more than once had contact with Satan I am sure he is not Lucifer.

Agreed with you. I didn’t work with Satan, but I am working regularly with Lucifer. His energy is different from that is described for Satan.

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Yes, I think I firstly understood you wrong.
Nice to be of the same opinion.
Satan-Set every time came to me by his own will.
He told me four names from past lives in 2016 when he appeared to me the first time.

And indeed, the Nightside of Eden is an excellent book!

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