Asmodeus and Abaddon


I’ve heard that Asmodeus and Abaddon are two aspects of the same being is that true ? It’s not my word though I just heard it and I want to know these beings…

But a part of what they are saying is that whether mythology or true which still is a link Abaddon who is the greek Apollo was born of a human mother and his father was a god and according to Joy Of Satan Asmodeus was born of a human mother and his father was a god now this is not impossible because as we know there are people like lady Eva here who have a demon child so it’s very possible and this and many other traits they have links them according to the one who told me this so what do you guys think ?


The other theory he has is that Abaddon is not Apollo but he’s a Saturnian angel who is still connected with Asmodeus


No there not the same JOS didn’t do there homework, apollo and apolloyn are not the same being in greek mythology. Asmodeus is originally a persian deamon of anger, jealousy & lust. Apolloyn/Abaddon are both a demon and place within Sheol (the underworld). Apolloyn means battle or destroyer, which is why Abaddon is called Abaddon the destroyer.


Ok thank you so much

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