Okay, the name of Asmodel came to me. Im not going to say how,cause its too fucking embarrassing and I dont even understand why it came to me, as I`ve not even started evoking entities and am not planning to, because I still have a shitload of preparation and study to do about the entities I would wish to work with. Plus my plan was to master Soul Travel first.

Anyhows, his name still came to me, so I looked him up. I didnt find much but it did strike me that this entity 'rules over the sign of Taurus and inspires practicality, patience, firmness and physical comfort'. Im a taurus myself (boing! coincidence/synchronicity?) and even though Im usually pretty patient, I hadnt been in the last few days, up until today when I found out one of my paper spells worked again and my husband got his desired career move. The impatience initially wasnt regarding my spell, but with my husband who isnt into Magick and would nag everyday that he wasnt going to get this career move. Its not easy to remain convinced and detached regarding your spell, if someones bringing the fucking thing up everyday! But thedeadline` for my spell was coming awfully close and little sparks of doubt did enter my mind.

I found Asmodel is described in various sources as an angel governing the month of april and those born under the sign of taurus, but also as a fallen angel of punishment who now resides under the Qlippoth.

Why am I posting this? Well, basically I don`t know what the bloody fuck to do with this. Was this just a sign that I needed to be patient?

Probably,… have you ever tried evoking him? Seems like a hell of a lot of synchronicity just for it to be nothing! :3

Either you need the patience to deal with your husband, or your husband needs to learn it himself, or a combination of both.

I meant evoking him after this, I know you said you never evoked any before