And by the way, there are some witches in my city who are inferior to me so they couldn’t help me out

Do you know about getting into tgs or using meditation?
It’s not like the movies, they don’t pop out of no where when you call. It normally takes time to see and hear them. Practice on the Magicians part.


And what does that matter?

because they thought my practice was too extreme, so they tried to bind my magic whích led to my many problems in practicing witchcraft

And now i need to summon a demon to teach me more about witchcraft so i can study it without asking for help from those inferior witches

Okay then finding a Daemon to teach you witchcraft probably isn’t the first thing on your list.
I’d suggest you work more on protections and breaking bindings first. This would probably help you get back into it.
King Paimon is mentioned here, perhaps he can help you.

They’re not inferior if they successfully bound you.


They are, they could do that because they casted it together,

And now I need to summon a demon so i can gain more energy to break the spell, and because i am currently not as powerful as before so i will jusst summon a quite low rank demon like Seere

Hahaha Seere is not a “quite low rank demon.” I suggest you get such an idea out of your head, or you’re likely to anger any demon you call upon. Thinking of him as somehow inferior won’t win you any favours.


But I thought he was inferior to Lucifer. Right?

Sorry please do some research first. Because you don’t seem to have knowledge about this subject. Hop on some videos of EA from the beginning. Demonic Hierarchy, Evocation class etc…


I did research about this, and I think I am now ready to summon a entity

You are purposefully ignoring requests to do research, real research and asking us like some form of Alexa or Siri.

Entities sense this and any sense of self entitlement to others doing work on your behalf.

Better a horse telling you this than the angry entity itself don’t you think, or do you believe you ‘summon’ without giving the entity its correct mode of address?


Sorry but no. If you did research you would not be so disrespectful to Seere.
Treating a Daemon like some Call Girl won’t get you anything but trouble. This needs to be a relationship of respect in order for it to work.

I also just told you you don’t need a Daemon to break a bind, read what I posted for you.

You never answered my question about tgs or meditation. These are needed to hear and see the Daemons, it’s probably why you got nothing from Lucifer himself, but from what I’ve heard Lucifer will ignore an attitude like yours.

Remember a Daemon can ignore your requests if they don’t like something.


Important thing to remember; they succeeded, this is what matters not how they did it. They are not inferior your defenses were not strong enough.

Hey guys, is it in need of the Solomon circle or magic trangle to summon Lucifer

Figure it out, we’ve given you plenty.

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This spirit will tell you everything they specialize in. And witchcraft is the practice of wicca. What we do is called the occult. But if you want to feel fanciful about it call it magick.

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What? Really
Witchcraft is practice of Wicca
I am sure that this is false
I am not a wiccan and I still practice witchcraft as usual

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