Asking spirit random questions

Hello fellows.
Today I have got idea about asking spirit random questions like " how high is Eiffel Tower , how many people lives on earth , which city is the biggest etc" in order to devolop clairaudiance. This kind of queries are easy to check out after working session. My question is however if it’s okay to demand answers for silly question like this. Will spirits be offended for such a behaviour ? If not, could someone point me a best entity to task like this ?

The obvious first answer is, try it and see. :slight_smile:

It is possible to get letters, numbers and images from spirits, but it’s not always the easiest thing.

In my opinion, they’re likely to see it as you testing whether or not they’re “real” - also, hard factual information with numbers is harder to come by than information about probabilities and emotion, etc.

This could be because spirits exist in a fundamentally different relationship to spacetime than us - for us, time “passes” while space just is; it’s possibly the other way round for them, and I posted a bunch of stuff about this idea here, if you’re interested.

But please don’t let my own theories (which are a work in progress, not “the truth” or anything) get in the way of checking this out - you can always do a reading beforehand to see whether the questions are likely to cause offence or other problems. :slight_smile:

Depends on the spirit. Some like you; and some do not. Some are annoyed by your request while others will take to it. I think that ultimately you have to just find the right spirit for the task. Maybe a general callimg for that right spirit to come to you…but… But make sure to be specific to bring one thats truthful.