Asking Pazuzu for Protection from the Coronavirus

Hi all, the 'Rona is getting pretty horrible around where I live and the government has pretty much abandoned us to our fates. Our city’s healthcare system is almost on the verge of total collapse, so I’ve been wondering if I should get the big guns out to protect myself and my family (one is a doctor and all of us are immunocompromised in different ways).

Would petitioning Pazuzu be a good idea to keep the virus at bay? I’ve been thinking of offering my blood since it’s something of a long-term deal until the pandemic loses its intensity or a vaccine appears, but I’m also trying to look for what else he would like as offerings/exchange. I’ve never worked with him before so some direction would be appreciated on this.

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I don’t see why not. He originally was petitioned to ward off disease. Mind you it is no substitute for other means of preventing yourself from getting sick but it is good to have allies.

He has accepted blood from me in the past, as well as beer and fruits. There is a sigil for him from Simon’s necromonicon but I find his statue to be a bit more helpful to use as a focal point for me. He also does not have an enn that I am aware of, so I called him by chanting his name slowly.

If you want a decent book that might help you out, I recommend Pazuzu Rising by Baal Kadmon.


Also try Nergal. Same idea.


I’ve used him to help shorten an illness before. I was pretty sure I had it in early February and hadn’t established contact with him then. Leviathan came to me and helped me out a bit with that. While I have worked with him a little here and there in the past, it wasn’t anything substantial.

I got ill a few months after that and used him for lessening it. Was over in a few days, rather than the usual week.

Yes, Pazuzu the lord of all plagues and fevers. Devote an altar to him hoping that what you do may protect you from the virus but don’t count on it. This virus is a massive wake up call to humankind, and very harsh karma.