Asking my succubus if she would want to

@succupedia i know that you will indeed be quoted in these types of threads

So i have been fighting with my succubus lately tbh, she has rarely come around except when i was in tears mad at her that she remains distant

She acts when im upset, also when i have asked her to prove her love to me i made a promise that i would have a demonic child with her which i will keep my word with what i say.
My succubus is naamah i have offered her a gift of a child that i will bear myself spiritually. She has come around alot more lately since i made this promise but i find it hard to sense her or feel her anymore i do see her as my spirit wife. And as a gift i would bear this child for her it would seem scary being a man and bearing a spirit child i dont know what to expect. But it would seem that she accepts my gift because she did something for me.
However? My one question is can your succubus cut off their energy to you? I somehow feel like this has happened.


Not trying to be funny but please give details on this. I will respect your wishes if you prefer this to remain personal.

It’s not a widely unknown thing. Men can spirit birth from their sacral chakra or something, I think. I don’t know a whole lot of the details. Pretty sure I was/am pregnant by Pan o_o

I think love spirits see more, like they know when your whole heart is into something. So it’s important to examine your own inner feelings about them and the relationship, and your approach to them. Also your succubus is Naamah, who is a big deal if I understand correctly.

That’s very interesting. I will be getting into a relationship with Incubi I never thought that being a man that I too could become better pregnant. Now there’s a new twist in this adventure I’m undertaking.


Ooo tell me where it goes via PM! I’m involved with an incubi, I’ve known him for a while but I’ve done a proper ritual for him, inviting him in only recently

Yes naamah is a very strong feirce loving spirit. She has done a lot for me

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The spirit could be conceived through the lower chakras i feel it in my solar plexus also the energy from my aura can fuse with the spirit also fusing from my higher etheral forms further bonding the child to me


Wow. I’m Speechless at this moment. This is new territory for me, it’s a lot to absorb. Don’t get me wrong I’ve heard of it being done but not by men.

Ive read a post before of someone doing similar things. If you look at the base of everything we are all beings of energy. Ive learned this in working with soul travel.
I dont think gender in the physical world matters when you get closer to the source of all things in soul travel


Here is a thread from a male forum member who gave birth to a demon child:

I think it is normal to not sense your succubus from time to time, I have periods where I only feel her touch very light and almost not at all, and though this is the worst to get through, I know it will change and I will feel her full force again.

try not to let it get to you, though it’s difficult


My spirit husband has been gone for a few months. I was upset but we both reached a kind of fork in the road with our practices. We met at the fork and realized there were paths we wanted to explore for a while. We still love each other but its a long distance relationship.

Spirits can be in multiple places at once but even sometimes they can’t always manifest. Humans that know a spirit and summon them open gateways. Makes it easier for them to “travel”. Other humans don’t know my husband so he doesn’t have much power in this world.

In my case he is just in a realm where its hard for pus to communicate. But he has cut off communication to me from time to time before to save my feelings on something. Or to let me figure something out on my own. Also if he knows he wouldnt be able to stop himself from interfering out of love.


Energies needs maintenance and recharges from time to time. Lack of focus and attention also weakens the bond, making the energy weaker and less solid. In my case, the energy is weaker when I wake up in the morning, but the more I start to focus and giving attention to the energies of my spirits, it gets stronger once again.

Secondly, spirits like the succubus and incubus also seems to have a sleeping cycle, making the energy weaker as they slowly wakes up from their slumber. I always freak out when the energy feels weaker or “different”, or when it changes to a different manifestation and chakra point. But after a while, it settles once again, when the energies is fully recharged and comes back to the focus spot.


Just because Naamah isn’t around all the time doesn’t mean she wants to leave you… If she has made a agreement that she will be in that relationship with you then she will remain…

If you want her around a little more often then… Why not ask her? …

She is a demonic queen… Goddess…
If she isn’t by your side all the time there must be some sort of reason, if there’s no reason, then ask her to come to you more often :slight_smile:


I understand her royalty. And why she hasn’t been around. However when she did come around i knew that she cares

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She has been absent lately. But i did aense her tonight tbh


Care to update us on how you love has unfolded. This thread was helpful ty for the info that they have a sleep cycle I thought our interaction was to draining on her and I was freaking out trying to find a non sexual way for her to feed from me. Plz pm if or @vaynord if you have any wisdom to share about how to get her to feed from my physical energy or something of the like. I also can’t hear her so if anyone has a succubus that’s willing to have a friend they can help out by relaying messages it would be much appreciated.