Asking Lucifer help with astral senses

So yesterday as I was meditating I decided to call on Lucifer to help with strengthening my astral senses because I need a lot of work with that, and after I asked I felt a fairly intense pressure from my third eye that rippled up to the top of my forehead. Are the astral senses like, derived from a rlly strengthened and open third eye? Idk I guess I’m just wondering what that was or what it was doing,

(I didn’t get a lot of time to see what would have happened next because I was interrupted oh well)


do third eye ajna meditation get some quartz and meditate while focusing all energy on your forehead area


I was just about to meditate so I’ll do that now!

That meditation will help with astral sense?

yes ajna is the third eye focus on your forehead between the eyes thats where the energy is get some quartz crystal if you can place it on that area or hold it in your hands when meditating the chakras are important and without meditating on them you cant do much of anything…

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Yeah I mean, usually my third eye opens on it’s own when I meditate, yet I still suck with sensing so I just need to practice with it more?
I feel like, is it one thing to just have it open and energized, but for it to rlly work I have to focus on it doing something, like focus on astral senses with it open? Idk

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yes focus more on it feel the vibration and energy this should enhance the ajna…

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Your astral senses come from all chakras. Each chakra, gives you a different ability. It’s just hard to understand all abilities, unless you unlock all chakras.


Ooh I see- thank you!

What does the third eye do then?

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Unblocking it, will help you to see spirits better. It also has other properties as far as I know, but I don’t know all of them. Perhaps you’ll also be able to feel energy around you better as well.


Alright, well thanks man

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No problem!

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How did you summon him to ask. Please tell me

i called to him. try searching in the forum topics explaining evocation

Just curious can you hear him or did he just answer your request?

im not adept enough to “hear” them, however they speak to me through visions during meditation, placing things in my mind, or giving me signs in nature.
as to this thread, unfortunately i cannot remember exactly what happened because i posted this three years ago

Lol yea I can see that being hard to remember, it’s cool you realize what there trying o communicate through visions and nature I have such a hard time seeing what they write out when they try it’s weird lol. I’ve been able to get a few tips about energy work from Lucifer from visions that have helped me.