Asking King Paimon, Mepsitahl, and Metatron for help with my senses tonight, offering them permission to enter my dreams or operate as they wish to help

How do you think that will work out? I simply asked them all for help. I will continue to develop my senses in the meantime.


Why dont you consegrate a amulet necklace to King Paimon i did It. And i’m know recharging my amulet everyday on my altar to Bael



How did you ask for the help of all three of them?

It’s okay to ask spirits to help you with your astral senses, it’s a common practice indeed. You just need to wait and see the results I guess, to make sure.

@Draggus I have done that with an amulet and a ring, both talismans and powerful ones for that matter.


Paimon will do whatever it wants. Any dreams you receive of him are considered a blessing.

*King Paimon.

I mean, he’s happy to help, since he likes when people awaken their astral senses and can see through the veil.

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I just invoked them for a bit, waitied, then asked for help respectfully. Asked them all individually.

No dreams but I won’t rule out anything else in the future.

How does one get their hands on that?

Search it on Etsy, you’ll find some amazing stuff there.

Be careful with Archangel Metatron. I spoke to him and trust, I got scared pretty quickly. He isn’t the nicest but yeah, he is extremely powerful.

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I recommend putting the sigils under your pillow if you really want an intense experience, open them of course before hand :ok_hand:


I put Paimon’s under mine. I have the problem of forgetting dreams. Don’t care or practice lucidity.

This is fine.

You have to get in the habit of saying King first, you did it previously too, he doesn’t take kindly to that is why we’re giving you a fair warning, he expects the same respect he will give you.

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I have gotten in that habit.

Yesss. I’m feeling Very balanced and doing more correctly choices, more self confident too

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