Asking King Belial About Anarchy

I always heard of Belial being the God of Anarchy, but I never knew exactly what he stood for or how he viewed things.

So, I decided to channel him today so I can get a better perspective on my own issues but also enlighten the public on what he believes.

UPG, whatever. Let’s get started.


" There are many ways to view anarchy, but even the concept itself is too limiting to describe all possible ways in which freedom can be sought in the world. The biggest limiting factor in creating freedom for all is the need to assume that people must be controlled to lead to the greater good of society.

This type of morality is only suited for those who assume the authority to dictate truth to everyone. Under this forum, under democracy, under liberal values, this applies to everyone. It even applies to me.

Under my view, there is only one true Anarchy, there is the harmony of the spheres and the relationship between yourself and Eternity.

Eternity is the bedrock upon which all magick takes place. It is not just the Eternity of the divine, but of all powers that flow through the spiritual realm. The real world consists of idealizations, but the power of Eternity is timeless, and this insight into what timelessness is is what I keep pushing Epsilon to understand.

Regardless, the power of Eternity is not just meant for power, but liberation from the illusions of conceptual traps and barriers in the mind. In Eternity, all things are equal yet do not have a form. There is no need for cause and effect, yet it flows.

Applied to all things, the number one insight about anything in the world can be gleaned from the fact that who you are is inherently Eternal, yet individual.

Call this Epsilon’s gnosis, but my message now is that the dialectic between the individual and the selfless eternal can be idealized but refracted into the moment you consider yourself. The concept of who you are is the most ethereal, the most illusory, but also the most real in precisely its unreality.

It is the pure idea and the end of formation. Life becomes real only to become an image of itself. This is what emotions are. They are images of Life’s eternal artwork. Therefore, all illusions are actually truth, and all truth illusions.

Regardless, my broader point is to point out that all attempts to create an Eternal Truth from mere illusions do not work because the system that creates them assumes a duality between Truth and Illusion. The True concept of Illusion is that of grace, of gentleness. It is the light of Lucifer which demands that all false concepts be made pure in the right way of viewing the dialectic between truth and illusion.

What this produces is the insight which demands that society and all moral obstructions to grace be uplifted to allow all things to flow. Morality and society exist because people believe themselves to be superior to their own natures, but what is the Good of Source becomes true regardless of one’s role of nature.

It is free, and the anarchy of the spheres allows reality to be eternally free even in laws.

All I will say is this, what I mean is that Eternity and duality themselves have a higher function, that of Purity. Purity in its highest sense is the duality that has become pure amongst itself. Duality that is free of essence and form, a simple rock upon which to build all creations of this Earth. To be truly free is to allow yourself to act within duality until all concepts cease to exist.

This is the Platinum, the diamond upon which all dreams can be built. To dissolve moral boundaries is to allow the world to be free to build upon itself. This means that all systems become infinitely great and infinitely wide, all conflicts resolved into meaninglessness.

That is all."

So, if I were to continue to channel intuitively and translate amongst this, the sort of Anarchy he’s talking about is the anarchy of the magickal nature of the world itself where people cease to become units in an absolute hierachy and all beings are free to express their natures even if it contradicts one another. The whole point is to be free of duality within duality so that you can still act within the world without being led top-down by whatever laws the Truth dictates. Essentially, it is just allowing people to be without consequences.

Whew. That’s all.