Asking for book about the 3rd eye

Hello, are there any good books on the 3 eye? I want to learn more about it. Thank you

I think the qlippoth is the best way to go lol

Thaumiel has a really strong 3rd eye energy

Also check out mantak chia, working with chi is the most direct way to open the pineal gland

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If you’re looking for a book that explains the faculties of the third eye, it’s mechanics then good luck, I haven’t come across one that gives full information on it, mainly because it’s possibilities are endless

If you want to know, just meditate on it, I’d go hours in if I were you, like 3 hours minimum daily, it will teach you many things


@Alahimavatara thank you for the information.

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The 3rd eye is the pineal gland, and part of the energy center in your head. You won’t get a book just on that because it’s part of your larger system, and you need to develop your whole system in balance.

If you only concentrate on this only you can become ungrounded and start getting headaches and eye issues. Develop your whole energy body together, it will also be easier to maintain progress as you body will automatically do some balancing for you, and all that energy you put in your head will find it’s way to your other energy storage centers.

When this energy center is developed it’s easier to get psychic impressions. So assuming that’s what you are wanting to do, methods to develop your psychic or astral sense are posted all over the place here on BALG, and you want to look for books with these keywords.

Try these:

And we have free tutorials, some collected here but try the search with refined keywords to get more specific:

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@Mulberry thank you

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I started doing sungazing for development of psychic faculties even saw indigo+green mixtures color after my session wit da sun is that mean I’m opening the 3rd or just reflection of light on the eyes?

Yes probably :smiley:

I think the main instrument in sungazing is your intent to cultivate the sun’s energy.

You will get this effect cultivating qi any way you can. The sun’s energy is the early morning is darker and more balanced, but I would still not do it unless I wanted to become more yang, like, if I had a cold and wanted to warm up. I always cultivate qi from the cosmos.

But any cultivation is better than no cultivation, your body will get sick if you let yourself get imbalanced, and then as a mage, you’ll research and learn to fix it. Learning is good.


I do it in evening and how can i cultivate Ying energy ?

Yin energy is relative to your state, so you cultivate from sources that are more Yin than you.

I like to think of the Arctic, which is very cold and very wet and not alive, which makes it more yin than me as I’m warn and alive.
A more gentle Yin source (not such a big difference) would be the new moon, a glass of cold water, going into a cave, taking a cool shower… in the last two, don’t jsyt be passive but breathe in the energy into your lower energy center.

Humans get a lot of qi from eating and sleeping. We get enough to stay in balance without cultivation, but cultivation builds up your energy for psychic activity, which takes a lot of energy. Eating yin food (cold food, sweet food, cooked food (which is dead, so it’s yin) will make you more Yin. Salty food and live vegetables is yang.

A good reference for all this is The Root of Chinese Qigong by Jwing Ming Jang.


I’ll check that out thank you👌

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