Asking for a reading

Hello all. So I know that these types of post are usually frowned upon in this community (understandably so) but I was wondering if anybody would be willing to give me a reading regarding the success and potential failure of my venture into the music business. The reason that I am not putting this in scanned and readings is because I am not doing a trade I am just asking for a reading.


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I can do a reading later. Do you want it in PM or public?

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Let me know if you want this or any other reading. My phone browser opened up to this specific thread when I pulled out my Dark Angel Rune cards. Signs before first cup of coffee. So I pulled a few for an impromptu reading. As I was told you are the guy who gets called a jerk for being honest, from idiots who prefer liars that make them feel good about themselves while consuming them, and you deseve some respect and thanks for being a person of integrity who doesn’t waste your truth or time on idiots who say, smile more, and enjoy team building meetings. I feel you have or are to cut all wasted time, pointless people from your life and envoke all the paths. ( I also feel a Nazi grammar, no coffee yet , middle aged eyes, crappy phone, sorry, hope that helps. ;))

. So I guess a natural leader always being asked how and why deserves a few free readings back.

The Nordic Deities aspects of the god/mentor energy hate the Dogma that turns beliefs that were designed to be a working tool into a plaugue called religion, by anyother name. It is an insult to them and are seeking unapologetic chaos wielders to become the fractals that call down Hagalaz and The destruction needed to purge the heretics of complacency. You are seeing multi-demensional time space as spherical holograms and can have the version you want In life, but need to remind the lambs they don’t create rules for lions, they feed them or stay clear and wait to run, and can’t lead a warriors spiritual path. Odin sacrificed, he doesn’t need spineless idolatry. Belial, Loki, fenriz, Baal, Odin all will help you and want people like you to remind them Tiwaz heals warriors wounds who are able to sacrifice, and it’s time to hunt. Ok, that’s what I got for now. I’ll take picture of the cards I pulled. You’re the second person since I got this deck that felt right for them, so thank you. I sense the ocean ports and underground network of darkness. Don’t know how that relates to you exactly, ( sorry need coffee haha) but maybe old shipyard towns in Oregon and Washington are good locations to open and attach to when you channel darker chaotic workings and desires.

Ugh user error, was suppose to be a pm, never post before fully caffeinated. Whatever, puppies still have kick ass breath.