Asking Amon

Hi guys,

I asked Amon for reconciliation with my ex yesterday. Today, another guy seemed to show interest in me. I met this new guy a month ago on something related to work. And didn’t have any communication after that. Does this mean anything?

Exes are always exes for a reason. You should always strive to move forward. The reasons you are your ex broke up still exist. It is easy to look at our past relationships and think “I can fix this!” But usually, you are better off walking away.

Maybe the new interested party is Amon’s way of letting you know you need to move on.


…it might mean Amon is showing you to explore your options and to keep an open mind.


@love_paranormal: I worked with Amon, and something similar happened to me as well. It could be interpreted in multiple ways.

  1. Don’t be miserable while Amon is working on the actual person, he wants you to learn while he is working on the target. This could be beneficial in multiple ways, firstly, you would get to know another person, secondly, you could learn if you need to work on yourself before getting back to your ex, thirdly, a little bit of jealousy wouldn’t help, show your ex that you aren’t miserable when he or she is not with you, and that you are a positive person.

  2. Amon probably thinks you are a better match with the new person.

  3. Amon is testing how sincere you are. (Entities like to be playful and tease and test you sometimes).

In either case, my suggestion is get rid of your negative energy, don’t be desperate, and results will come. :slight_smile:


It’s a new path that open for you they basically lay out patches that are good for you and the path you want to be good and right for you move forward from the past but I’d not I’m sure it will be an ok relationship before if falls apart I was shown my ex true colors and now I can openly admit that I wouldn’t have been happy in the long run with some one who still thinks they are a child…so have faith move forward u may end up love with new guy