Asking a spirit to do a second task when the first one hasn’t materialized yet?

I thought about doing this with a spirit I’m working with but I’m not sure if this is a good idea.

I want to destroy the lives of 3 petty tyrants at my work but thing is I want them to suffer and just wish they where dead everyday. I don’t want to kill them. That’s too easy.

You can probably guess who because I actually kept feeling a push from this entity like he wanted me to ask him to do this but I needed something else first and I won’t be at this job but maybe a another week or so I won’t be able to enjoy the results.

Do you think this is a bad idea and should I try to find another spirit for this ?

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Remember they have legions at their command.

Just make sure it is a separate request from the first. If you lump it with the other that’s when they can get a little annoyed.

You could also evoke the Spirit and ask about it, it might say sure or give you another Spirit who would be better.


@anon48957109 First time I worked with this spirit and my clairaudience isn’t very good. I would’ve done like you said if my communication was better.

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You can try automatic writing, it works real well for me.



Until your astral hearing gets better you can use a chart like this with a pendulum to communicate or even get messages from different aspects of your own mind. It also helps train the astral hearing as you are hearing and receiving the information you just don’t realize it enough to interpret it and the focus of the pendulum and chart will help you recognize that over time as a training aid.