Asking a spirit to bring death :

Last post on this issue I promise but after taking the Baron’s, Odin’s and many deities advices, I decided to bring death on the target. I want it to be quick and painless like in the Prince Of Egypt movie.

Would simply petitioning a deity, actually kill the target? Sorry it’s my first baneful working and yes I have another Deity to help me in the event of backlash. AA Azrael and Hel have agreed to help me kill target painlessly. I was gonna go with Serkhet but I’ll save it for someone more deserving. Most death rituals seen to require ingredients or at least sigils but I feel as if a petition is safer mostly for my paranoia.

I’ll be destroying the targets defenses when I have time. I’d appreciate any last minute advice.

Thanks and I will update on this thread.

Thanatos is the primordial God of peaceful Death, such as death in sleep, etc. However, yes a petition spell is helpful in this case or your own energy work with them backing it up also works, or you can go the ritualistic way if available.


I’m familiar with him but I haven’t really worked with him at all so I decided to go with deities I’m comfortable with.

You’re right, I need to use my own energy work to bind his blessings, I’ll be transferring it. Then I’ll call on a Hindu God to bind his Ancestors from interfering. Then call on the Goddess to take his life peacefully. It’s gonna take a lot of work but I’m ready.

Any update

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Destroyed their defenses no problem

Worked with two Goddesses to weaken their minds. Worked.

Unfortunately on the day I was going to petition my beloved Goddess to take them, I fell into a state of DKA. I did go to her realm and she said she’ll said a lot to me.

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