Askesy in modern world

I’ve heard of comunes,
which have altered minds gathered together.

But what about real spiritual Solitude?

Are those concepts not fitting into modern world anymore?




Choosing to be alone is something that makes me feel free. I have always in my mind to live someday in the woods in a small house. As I have a chance to be alone I use it. I go to my room and shut the door. I need no contact to humans. I have my cat there are the non humans. So in this case I think it is not that easy to get a nobody. Cause we learn to get somebody since we were born. But I believe we can also reach a similar level. The place is not important. Important is to open yourself.

While listenibg I had to think about the new TV Show Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

At first I did not like the show. Because he is soooo silly. Later I understood the story. This is some kind of like my life. I accepted that we have no control of our own life. I still try to rebel but I get no results :slight_smile: Everything is connected. The only thing to get happy is to listen to the signals. I always try to change cause I want to control. At the end I accept and I see it was the better way. When I feel it will not work like I want I leave if I can. I try not to think much about everything cause I accepted that the life will bring me to the place I was meant to be. Sometimes I fall in my old habbits and I think and think and try to change and plan and research … At the end I sit there and say “ok, I am done, let it be how it should be” … And that is so funny, sometimes in that moment when I give up, my wish comes true or I get something better. People ask me most of the time “where did you get that trust into the life, dont you make it yourself too easy” it was not easy to come to this level. I suffered a lot. One day I stopped. Cause I accepted.

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