Asked King Belial and King Paimon for help

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I went to the precinct and this is what happened .

The guy who was questioning me said that I could be arrested to because i took part in the crime by giving him my card . He said I have to pay the $3,800 fee and he also asked me if I have ever been arrested . I told him no he said pulled over, stopped ? I said no he said what about the summons you got for transit ? I said oh yeah . He said they could take me in right now because there is a warrant out for my arrest .

He told me to handle my warrant first and then take care of my bank account . He also said if I don’t pay the money to TD bank, they can prosecute me .

I know I have to pay it . Should I ask clauneck to bring me in the revenue through my apps ? Or should I ask bune ? What about my warrant should I ask king Belial to handle the charges ?

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I would go with Belial and Paimon, or Bune and Orobas.

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Why Bune and Orobas ?

Both deliver quickly, though I’ve read a week for Orobas and forty days of chanting Bune and offerings.


Ohh so ask Orobas to bring me money through my apps ?

I have heard that Belial is really good at legal matters. King Paimon can also help you.