Ask Your Questions Now On My Live Stream

I’ll be going live very soon guys on my Facebook page The Infernal Obelisk.

Here’s a screenshot of the page, don’t forget to jump on, hang out and ask some of your burning questions.


The devil seems to be a really good social media marketer.

You are doing so amazing Conner with all of you projects I am so prude of you and honored to know you :blush:


I also feel the same way @C.Kendall did I miss the stream? I just got on…

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I can’t find the page…

It is done

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Ah, sorry I missed it. I always enjoy when we get into talks with eachother, discussing thoughts, ideas and theories.

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That’s makes me sad… Im always late for something on here when is the next one…

you can watch the recording

i missed it uhh :frowning:

Guys I’m thinking of doing another live stream today


yes please, do one but choose your time wisely so we all can watch it. from 8-10pm USA time is perfect (US Central)

what do you want me to ask you about ?

@C.Kendall do it on YouTube


Judt depends on the time I’m working in Chihuahua time since I’m in Texas us

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