[ASK] Spirit to help for wealth, skill and attractiveness

If you dont mind, can you tell me what medium that u used to communicate with him? Do you use pendulums, scrying mirror or anything else?
Or, perhaps you are one of them who be able to see and talk to them, you know… Like indigo…

Because i certainly don’t have that ability and i’m affraid i can’t communicate well with him.

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Just my two cents on this. When you think you’re going crazy, you’re actually gaining your mind back. I thought I lost it when the conversations started and thought it was me. But he got irritated with that. You’ll notice that you won’t even be finished with a sentence and you’ll hear the answer- in your head. Sometimes he’ll put something in your way that stands out- there is no coincidence. You need to learn to trust that voice or you’re sabotaging it.


I went trough some major medical issues- I started practicing / meditating with walks… At one point I was walking through a cemetery and meditating… I adopted a deceased couple the weekend I was going to take my life. Yoga can be done during incantations, Its kinda like you are pushing the energy through your cells and lately I have had some amazing shit happen - like a tumor no longer be present in a recent CT Scan… I lost myself- I almost lost my life- and my family ( I have a few that talk to me now) but the walk on the dark side allowed me to drop 17 sizes… I did not ask anyone for help I simply made my devotion a physical one. Funny I can even clean house and cast spells… My morning coffee is a spell- pepper pepper just a dash - get rid of negativity in a flash, give me fire in my belly hear me roar I add tumeric to reduce inflamation. It may be me but I think my demons love the fact that I am actively searching for the answers and fixing shit myself… I have not ever liked being a damsel in distress.


I don’t use anything. If you want to talk to him just call him and listen to your thoughts. He will come when you call him and you just need to listen. Practice makes perfect, it’s all about your astral senses. During my first time I visualised a simple circle that would boost my energy and power just to make sure that I’ll do good. But now I don’t have to sinc we’re much more connected.


I am a weightlifter so if you want help with dieting or advice in any specific exercise technique, I am here to help you.



The spirit’s name is Sartmulu and you might be able to find his sigil online.

From Summoning Spirits: “Sartmulu can teach you how to exercise your body physically
and magically to become strong and healthy. People who aspire to become
weight lifters or bodybuilders will be very pleased with the results of working
with this benevolent entity.”

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I see, so it’s like he is speaking into our mind? Like thoughts? So i will be able to connect with him just fine? I already prepared everything for the evocation, it’s just this communication thing that hold me back. I guess i don’t have to worried…

Oh, by the way… Some people suggested me to open my third eye or kundalini chakra to be able to see the other world but i’m too scared to see what i’m not suppossed to see. Well, you know, like ghost etc. I don’t know if i can handle the visions. What do you think about it?

Most of the dialogue you’ll receive will be in your mind. Don’t dismiss it. At first you might question it but you’ll be able to decipher what’s your own thoughts and what he is saying. The way he speaks and forms sentences will be different.

I would suggest opening your third eye with exercises and such. It’s not going to happen so fast and all of a sudden things get too much. You’ll be more receptive with all your senses. You don’t need to be afraid - learn some banishing techniques in case anything negative should arise and you’ll be fine

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Interesting, so you can meditate while walking… It’s new to me, i thought for meditating you need to sit in secluded area, but yeah… I’m a newbie…

I’m verry sorry to hear about your past, but i’m glad that it turned out well… Your story gave me motivation. Thank you for sharing it with me. I’m already doing that 3x10 minutes walking exercise that @Shadowmage suggested and i feel good. It’s easier compared to weightlifting but i want to try everything to reach my goal, so feel free to give me advice.

Ok, i am in a middle of reading some banishing thread, well… Collected all the information i need before the ritual. I’m glad you guys are so supportive. :hugs:

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Oh, i see… Right now i’m learning about tetha gamma sync and barely read about banishing, i hope i don’t messed up the ritual i’m going to do…

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I will be glad if you want to help me. Just in case, i am a woman, so i don’t want to be bulky or something… Just want to drop 30kgs :sweat_smile:

Thank you for gave me some useful infirmation. Deffinitelly check it out. :hugs::hugs:

Don’t worry about it.

Don’t worry you are a woman, your levels of testosterone will probably not even allow that bulky physique.
PM me if you want anything.

If you’re feeling ok with 3 x 10 minutes, try adding time to it. Step up to 15 minutes each time. Carry a light weight in each hand or try ankle weights. Gradually increase the time until you are doing 30 minutes and then increase your speed. Don’t try to run or jog until you are closer to your healthy weight range as you increase the pressure on your joints doing that and you may hurt your knee or ankle or hip which would put you out of action. This is all about getting you into a healthy habit that you will keep up for the entire time you need to lose weight and making you gradually able to handle more.

Your welcome I have been into fitness, health and nutrition for a long time, I could provide you with more links. Or just point you in the right direction. I have been into Chinese medicine for a long time. Doing any word search with TCM, which is a trademark helps ( Traditional Chinese Medicine) . Example: tcm weight loss. tcm 5 flavours, tcm organ meridians and so on

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As you’re beginning I recommend you the book Sigils of Power and Transformations by Damon Brand. You can find it on Amazon. There are a few sigils that can help with weight loss and motivation.
The ritual are simple yet powerful. Based on emotional alchemy.

Good luck.


This happens almost all the time to me . Should I just take the answer and move on or should I fight through it and ask the whole question ?

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Most of the time, taking the answer is just fine.

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