[ASK] Spirit to help for wealth, skill and attractiveness

Ok, so here i am again with another question.
Well, as a beginner, i got adviced to evoke Goetia demons before i try to summon the big guy that maybe i can’t handle (like Lord Lucifer or King Paimon)

So, which Goetia demons you recommend to me if i desire wealth and prosperity, want to learn art skill faster and make me attractive to customers, friends and lover?

And, if i may add, i’ve been struggle with weight lose in past 3 years, i gain alot of weight due to change of life circumtances and i need to lose 30kgs if i want to avoid lethal disease. I’ve been trying intermittent fasting, weight lifting and suplement, i also tried some other diet style, workout method and took more suplements but its just make me lose weight for a brief moment and then gained back.
Do you think i could ask help from the spirit for this matter? If so, which one? Cause it’s starting to drive me insane. Just got my health report this morning and i’m not happy with the ressult. I’ve been trying, tried as hard as i could, and yes, i lost it only to gained back later and this health report didn’t get any better.


It’s not about beginner friendly imo. Be willing to work, be respectful not subservient, don’t lie and make good on your word. I cannot recommend Asmoday enough for what you stated you desired.


Ok, for starters, yoyoing like that only screws up your metabolism which makes it harder to lose weight further on down the track. Massive weight loss on tv shows is basically due to loss of fluid in a lot of cases. Weight lifting and supplements will make you gain weight if you are taking the ones to help muscle mass. Work out your base line. That is the amount of kilojoules that you can consume in a week without gaining weight. Then cut back those kilojoules wherever possible. This means one sugar in your coffee instead of 2, one plain biscuit instead of a chocolate one, half the amount of cheese on a sandwich. Simple stuff that means you can remain on the diet long term. Drink soda water with lime juice instead of cola. You’re less likely to give up on the diet. If you go on a harsh diet to lose weight the reaction of your body is “I am not getting what I need, better slow the metabolism” which means your base metabolic rate drops meaning you have to drop even more kilojoules and diet harder next time. If you add low intensity exercise like walking for 30 minutes a day (can be 3 x 10 minutes) you will use more kilojoules. Walking will build your leg muscles as well which will burn more kilojoules than spending the half hour lifting weights to start. As your body weight drops you will be able to walk faster. Use a rowing machine if you want, low impact and THE most kilojoule burning machine there is.


A word of warning about spirits and weight loss: Be VERY specific about what you want, because spirits tend to work along the most direct route to the goal, and in the case of weight loss, that means making you sick. Very sick. So sick that you sweat, vomit, and shit off the weight. There are numerous accounts about it happening to magicians who asked to lose weight, so be careful, and word the request in an appropriate and healthy way.

As for the Goetia, you can easily find a copy of it online. Take a look through it and see what spirits catch your eye. There are a lot of demons that specialize in wealth, love, and lust, which, as you stated, is what you’re seeking. You can also search this forum as there are tons of posts dealing with those exact things. They are, in fact, the most common goals for magicians, especially in the beginning.


I’m big on doing stuff yourself where possible. Yes the entities can help with this but you need to take responsibility for your health and get into healthy habits for the long term. If you don’t feel attractive then by all means ask for help. But sometimes you will find they say you don’t need our help, you need to do this work for yourself. Which if you’re talking about weight loss makes sense as if you don’t get into healthy habits then they’re only going to have to do it all over again for you in a few years.


Definitely be specific, and do your research. Diets aren’t healthy or practical in the long run, it’s about changing your lifestyle and relearning sometimes very well established habits. A little spiritual boost is great, just don’t forget to commit to mastering yourself.


What people said above MUST be taken into consideration. That being said, I recomend king Paimon or Lucifer since they are both beginner friendly spirits.


@Narsonix Ok i’ll look up about asmoday, thank u for ur recommendation. I’ve been interested to Lucifer since all Luciferians look up to him as high and mighty and answer for all of their desire. But i’ve read about King Paimon and he was so far fit the list i need (can teach arts, bring wealth and good repuration to us) but i still wan’t to look for other recomendation, just in case there’s another spirit that easier to evoke…
And for your 2nd reply, ok i will be specific, but to which demon should i ask for assistance for that matter :smile: ???

@Shadowmage Thanks alot for all ur advices. Definitelly going to try 3x10minutes walking routines. I still not given up on my intermittent fasting yet since i tend to forget to eat and i am not emotional eater either. I never being this “big” before in my whole life and it’s just start 3 years ago. I never think about it untill i colapsed last year and got serious illness. Then as my doctor said, i need to lost 30kgs. I began dieting, exercising and as you said, its yoyoing like this on and off. 2 months ago i lost 12kgs in 4 months and yesterday i saw it back 10kgs already. And about my muscle, i don’t know, its like a ghost. Sometimes i can feel it there, sometimes its just gone… Dunno what happen. My doctor suggest me to do lipposuction, just don’t have the money and recovery times will take too long.

@DarkestKnight yeah, i will be so, verry, ultra, mega specific about that, i just don’t know which demon to assist me for this matter. I still digging around for information about Goetia, its just so many of them, that’s why i need advices and recommendation. And yeah just like other beginner, i still desire for material aspect in life :smile: Maybe when i become more wise i will dive into spiritual aspect like other seniors here…
Oh, right, almost forgot… You right about money as my desire but lust is not one of my desire so far. I want to attract people to like to have relationship with me (for bussiness and connections) since i need to establish my financial life first. Then after that, maybe i will think about screwing around some guys or something like that :sweat_smile: thanks again for ur response…

@Manosman thank u for ur reply. Of course i took their advices very seriously. I didn’t hope for instant or magical fix for my condition, it’s just another way to push me to work it out, known that i got help from another entity, that i didn’t do it alone, and eventually give me results i can’t achieve before. So u think i can evoke them just fine? I’d like to give it a try, but still wait for another recommendation.


You can summon them any time you want. However, you shouldn’t think too much about it, listen to your heart for it knows better in situations like these.

Marbas to help you get in shape. Seriously, he rocks.

Asmodai can help you “shine” more in social attractions, become more “smooth”, so to say. He’s also good with helping you become more sexual.

As for money, Bune is good.


That’s bullshit.

If you feel attracted to some spirit and want to contact him, do it. Don’t let yourself be discouraged just because you’re new.

Lucifer is amazing and extremely kind. King Paimon as well. In fact, they are one of the better spirits to summon right away, though no spirit is barred if you are respectful and stand as an equal.


Thanks @anon20147451 for ur recommendations… I discovered recently about Bune and Clauneck for assistance for money and already browsing about asmodai.

I thought to summoning Lucifer for my first spirit contact since i have interested in him from the start and maybe if i can communicate with him, i will ask his advice to evoke another spirit to assist my need.

Do you think it’s okay to evoke more than one spirit? U know, as beginner, i’m affraid there’s such boundarries that restrain me to do so…

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Of course.

Have a clear purpose for summoning each one, and you’ll be fine.


I see… Thank u very much… :smile:

I can attest to this! I went down to 64 lbs in about 2 months and was almost dead. Hello anorexia survivor! Be SPECIFIC


Holy geebus in heben…yeah be specific apparently. A solid way to hit that mark home with a recount like that…good to know as well since I have waffled on intents before and went for generalized…just wow.


@AradiaX if i stated that i only want to lose 30kgs without gaining it back, is that specific enough? Or should i add “and lost it in healthy way” ? How to be sure that i’m not over do it?

@Jac_DeVinna err… Is that mean you have same issue like me or what? Sorry, i’m deffinitelly didn’t get your point. But i will make sure to be specific though… Thank you for your response :smile:

I would state the amount desired and state something like " in a way that’s not detrimental to my health."


Ah, i see…
I’ll working with Marbas. Do you think he’s the right spirit to ask?

I think he would be good for it. Depends what your weakness is tho. Do you need discipline? Or self control? If it’s either of those you could petition a demon that specializes in that area

Who’s you recommend for me, if i need discipline or self control? :thinking: