(Ask) newbie wants to know and taste the chakra energy

As the title ,
im a noob…dont have any experience with it…
i saw many of you guys , just keep telling visualize your own chakra etc and somehow telling cover with red blue green color to it …
how? What is it visualize? See with your eyes closed? Or just imagine ?
dont ask me search,im searching this one for a few years but no one can give me the good answer and it proofed…

so thats why i would like to taste the energy,its all up to you wanna open my chakra 1-1 or all of it ,
if its done , i would ask about grounding etc too

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How I visualise is I imagine strongly within my minds eye. So imagine it with your head with intent. That’s how I do it anyway, others might do it differently. I found these in a matter of minutes.

I know its hard starting out not knowing where to find the right information about this subject. If you wan’t to try out some thing that will help you out with chakra development this is a great way try this.