Ask Me Anything — Advanced Vampire Magick With N.D. Blackwood

I first met up with Occult vampirism with “The key to Black Magick”, by Stanilas De Gaita.
De Gaita did not gave pratical ritual in his book. His text deals about story all old men praticing what he call “a form of reverse magnetism” on young personn and even childrent, to prolounge their own life. He also mentionned that afterdeath, there were two possible destinies for that type of practitionners. The lesser practitionners will pretty much become “Shades” , in the very deffinition given by Connor Kendall. Some will find a way to “densify” their ego, and become “demonlike”.

Few good books about vampirism existed at the time. I have a pretty good memory from “The book of the Witch Moon” from Michael Ford, as well as “Akhkaru, vampyre magick”, wich are still amonsgt the coolest book about vampirism to me. And of course, last but not least, Work with Darkness as a very interresting chapter about vampirism.

I already talked a bit about immortality in topic highter. The book propose three different approach for immortality, readers will be able to choose, or make there own mix with the different keys.

-The first is what I like to call “the progressive transformation”. It is, an approach that have been popularize during the two last decades. The book of Michael Ford, deals essentially with that approach in my opinion. By working with different entities, such as demons like Eurynomos, Ipos, or Dark Gods such as Hecate, Zalmoxis and Vorsh, the practitionner will gradually learn the faculties of vampiric entities. I will not necessarely anchor himself to a particular current. This is the way of independance, and his survival after death will depend on him, and him alone.

-The second is a more “traditional” way, at least, from an European point of view. Here, the magician while align himself with Undead magicians of the past centuries and make a pact with them. The life essence he will drain during his session will immediatly be transfered to this “pool” that is the vampiric chain or strain. In exchange, he will receive the essence of his predecessors. His vibrations will align with them. He will open a permanent gateway for them, inside himself. After his death, his body wilI become part of this “pool”, that will act his his new anchor on earth. I think that some orders like the ToB use a similar process, but there material does not give any ritual or details about it.
This approached was favored by the “Green Order”, a central European Order, pretty active in the 80’s.

-The last thing I suggest, is a personnal patchwork of ideas to ally occult vampirism presented in the previous chapter, with modern transhumanism, as a work hyppothesis. Transhumanism is fascinating to me, and may offer gateway to experience new things for modern practitionners.


Thanks for sharing your experience.
I never actually tried to drain from a stone. Ten years ago, I decided to contuct experiments with plants, when I needed some kind of “scientific proofs” that vampiric action where actually working. My experiment was to always take too green plants or flowers, place them side by side, and give them the exact same amount of water. Everyday, I would pratice lifedrain on a particular plant, and do nothing on the other one.
With each of this experience, the first plant faded away within a week or two, while the other stay in pretty good shape.

To came back on stones, I use some cristal as storing device for energy. For two reason mainly.
The first would be to store energy in the perspective of an important ritual. The second being to use weaponize vampirism on a sick and depressed personn. In that case, storing his toxic energy inside the crystal, and then burry it in the ground is a pretty efficient way to not keep the toxicity inside myself.


What makes your book different from other books on vampirism?

Other authors seem to rehash the same old concepts taught by the Temple of the Vampire and Michael Ford. Is this something we can expect in your book since you’re revisiting the topics that they and many others have already covered?


Actually, I don’t know the Temple of the Vampire. I had some contacts and litterature with the Temple of Aset Ka, and I do believe that this people were together and a time and split up for personnal reasons.

Some people inside Aset Ka share my hoppes with Transhumanism actually. The ritual given to ally transhumanism with occultism, are actually my own. They have been build as a derivative version of Tibetan ritual, wich is actually a meditative routine. This routine is suppose to help the pratictionner keep conscience after the death of his physical body and find a new foetus to inhabit in his next life, in order to choose his reincarnation. My ritual propose a similar routine, but instead of anchoring yourself on this foetus, I propose to anchor yourself on the “option”, you will have chosen for resurection, if you decide to become fluent with transhumanism.

Michael Ford have written a few lines on it in Akhkharu, and open the gates to the possibility of possessing a living person’s body after your death, chasing and destroying his mind to makes it’s vessel your own. But it is actually just few lines in the end of the book. I strongly believe that the operation could be way easier with a “device” this already cointain your memories, and not those of another person , that’s why I’m in favor of transhumanism.

That being said, I still recommand Michael Ford’s books. Despite the different option we explore, and the fact that we are linked to different entities and pantheon, I have a lot of respect for him as a Magician.


It could be pretty dangerous actually. That’s why I recommand doing it with archetypes in the begining. I think that Asenath Mason have a all chapter about it, in her book “Rituals of Pleasure”.
I decide to not cover “sexual vampirism” in my own tome, as hers actually do it very correctly.


Besides vamprism, what other types of magic do you have experience in? How long did you practice those methodologies? What drove you to choose this particular path etc?


I’ve entertained those theories as well. I was actually discussing that stuff with a forum member not too long ago. I guess you can’t talk about vampirism without delving into those topics.

Anyways, I wish you luck.


Vampirism is my main an nearly “only” magickal pratice and is pretty much enought to keep me busy every evening of the week.
I actually experimented things with Macumba, or at least (in my opinion) a very westernize version of it produce by Paul Gregor. This pratice could be in some ways, linked to vampirism, as they have common trait , like using astral travel to project into a target chamber.
I also have a great interrest for runes. The course produced by EA was pretty good experience to me. I also enjoy working with the books of Edred Thorsson.

But I would deffinitly not call myself an iniatiate or a teacher of any of this disciplines.


Thanks a lot !


They don’t need to be here to write a book.


Interesting. I’m going to have to google Macumba, thank you. Is that a local religion for your culture, or something that simply interested you?

You stated you were not English native, but I didn’t catch the rough location for where you are native.


Pretty much.
To be perfectly honnest, EA Koetting gave me pretty interesting keys on vampiric “strains”, back in 2012, during a personal consultation. We discuss that in a video that will pop-up soon I guess.

In the begining, that book was a kind of “notes” that I wanted to keep with me in the perspective of transhumanism. You never know what could happened if your body have been frozen for decades. Your memory could be pretty damage. Keeping traces of how your were, was a very important “backup” too, and I decided to put all my rituals and techniques on a pdf document.

When the idea of publishing it crossed my mind. EA was the first time I thought about, due to the fact that his advices help me a lot at the time.


Hey, @N.D_Blackwood so can we cause someone to fell sick and make them feel like they can not stand anymore at that moment, by using pshycic vapirism? Or something like that.

Dont mind me asking this but where in central europe are you from?


Not at all !
Macumba is a form a Brazilian sorcery, pretty sexual actually. You have to “auto stimulate” yourself by consuming rhum and pimento, practice some form of auto-hypnosis with sigils called “Puntos” and the assistance of a mirror.

I’m not pretty fluent with this. I was brought into practicing it for few month by a brazilian friend who worked as a psychiatrist and was pretty interressed in vampirism too. Macumba was his main practice.

I have pretty good memory of it.


Interesting, thank you for elucidating :slight_smile:



I figured I’d just give the correction where it’s due. I haven’t listened all the way through the podcast yet but i will be today.

Although on the note of author hood (not directed at Mr.Blackwood), it doesn’t make anyone a big shot, it just means they feel they have something to contribute so they took the time to write something out. Don’t like? Don’t purchase. Pretty simple, not every book will be your cup of tea or can of monster.

Now I’m going to slither out of this thread until I’ve watched all the way through and actually have dialog to contribute to this thread :+1:


Hey !
It is possible to do that to a personn using vampirism. This will even accure for sure, if you pratice essence draining every day on the same personn for a week or two.

Intention being everything, you can also use the methodology of “banefull vampirism” that BALG propose for free. In this particular case, you will add to your pratice the intention of hurting your target. You will need to go deeper inside her body , and tear it up with your living imagination in order to provoke some kind of energy bleeding.

Another interresting way, is to ally vampirism with hypnosis, you will need to drain from the eyes of your target, while captivating her/his attention with your magnetic gaze. That’s why I strongly suggest to incorportate magnetic gaze exercice in your daily routine. One of my mentor was very profficient in using that method.

I apologize, but I prefer keeping the location a secret. As mentionned, I work in a hospital. Being known as a Black Magician and a lifedrainer would probably not be a good publicity for my patients.


Thanks you man. It’s something I agree with.

There is plenty of cool occult books out there, starting with the BALG team. I hoppe my vision of vampirism will bring something new to the table, but I would fully understand if someones pretty Michael’s Ford work, or Michelle Bellanger. Texts and ideas resonnate with your own quest and aspirations.

I personnaly tend to prefer working with Undead sorcerers from “recent” times (medieval, renaissance, 19 and 20 century), than with Sumerian ones for exemple. The reason is simple. When I start practicing magick, I wanted to verify everything. If I met up with a vampiric entity, I wanted to hear about his human life, being able to verify things he say to me by consulting history records and books, and in some rare case, be able to locate a tumb. Living in Europe, that was something that I could do with vampiric sorcerers from that time period.

It is of course, more difficult if you engage with sumerian or egyptian lore, and in the begining, I had a hard time of questionning myself with this. That’s one of the reason I think that this book is bringing something new.


You wellcome :slight_smile:

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Completely respect that, so as a medical professional have you ever tried to incoperate healing into your practice ? If so How were the results of it?
Does vampirism or energy drawing give results like being manupulative and dominative in a group of people.