Ask Me Anything — Advanced Vampire Magick With N.D. Blackwood

Greetings Sang and thanks for reaching out to me.
To be honnest with you, I haven’t received a similar testimony any other readers…an hyppothesis might be a form of empathy?
Maybe some of the things present in this work resonnate in a particular manner into you. I encourage you to follow your instinct, and engage or not in that type of practice according to it.

Best regards


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Alright, thank you for the advice

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After the vampiric operation is done I just relax and feel the energy vibrating within. When I do the water cleaning (drinking from my chalice) of my used chakra do I also wash away both positive and negative? Is it actually a bad idea that hinder the effect of the operation?

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I rarely do cleansing.
One of my working method is to overload myself and my surroundings with the energy that I evoke.

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Drained energy?

No, from ritual I mean.

So when you overload yourself with the energy you evoke it pushes away the negative side effects of your vampiric operations?

same here tbh, i love feeling the energy swirl around and through everything around me


Hi, when does your 2nd book out please? :blush:

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Hi Jeissica !
2022 I guess, I’m currently working on it. This book will be the full curriculum of the Green Order and will probably double sized Draugadróttin. I also plan to deliver few hours of filmed rituals and mist
instruction or course with it.