Ask Me Anything — Advanced Vampire Magick With N.D. Blackwood

I do not drink blood. I have no other link to my targets than pictures of them online.

Bloodessence is a name used for Chi or life energy. Drinking physical blood isn’t something I practice either due to the potential contamination of the liquide.


Can I do different vampiric operations on the same time? For instance after I have chanted the mantra to open the chakra I inhale the energy from the victim. I do this 9 times (9 represents the ego) for each chakra. Then I inhale and symbolically “eat” the aura from the victim also 9 times.
After the operation is done I consciously drink from the chalice to “wash” the dirty energy out and using the bell to clean the aura (inspired by Franz Bardon’s book Initation into hermetics).

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You can.
The process you descibe seems valid. Bardon is pretty good as a reference for energy working.

Since I only want to restore my youth I have wondered if it’s best just to focus on root chakra that uses the picture of the person to connect and aura eating. Is it suggested in vampiric magick that the magician do other magical working after the draining such as chanting the Enn of Lucifer for instance for just allowing the draining life force to manifest slowly in his body?

Love the book, its been pretty good!

It makes me remember i read somewhere back in… maybe 2013 or 2012 about feeding on energy drawn down from the stars, not sure where but it was how i got started with exploring vampirism. Since then i’ve mainly practiced astral and psychic kinds of vampirism, usually taking care of course with my feeding. I’ve found traffic intersections to be a great spot to gather, since you usually have a whole group of people driving by all the time if you just sit nearby, many times with highly charged emotions, that can lend a real flavor to it, of course not as good of a taste as finding someone with a very particular kind of flavor to their energy who will devote themselves to you. I’ve experimented with hemophilic vampirisim a bit as well, although just with my own blood so far, but would be pretty interested in trying someone else’s sometime. Most recently, aside from your book, I had been exploring vampirisim from the maergzjrian path through Madrigal’s souldrinking rites as well as the vampiric eyes and lance whispers.

I’ve also been pretty curious about raising the dead, and have explored a few different methods of doing so, although i haven’t gotten to get my hands on a corpse yet. I noticed that in your ritual in chapter 9, there was no inclusion of the lazarus agent, which is usually used by other zombie raisings in voodoo (altho tbh im not too familiar with voodoo yet) and by other groups.

So I was wondering, is the zombie being raised in your version more of an astral zombie creation or is it actually a physically reanimated and spiritually controlled corpse?
Since it seems like it’s more of an astral like creation, moving and existing on the death plane of course rather than the astral, but more of a spiritual construct more similar to a servitor than a reanimated corpse.

Some rituals implies a mantra being chanted before the operation of vampirism being made.
This is the case for the rituals with Labartu and Akhkharu given by Michael W Ford in Akhkaru. The goal is to infuse yourself with the essence of the spirit in order to strenghen your draining habilities during the second part of the ritual. Some of this rituals may also assist in projectic erotic and threatening thoughts while you projecting yourself in order to drain.

In the case of Lucifer, I would suggest working with Noctulius. Some says that Noctulius is a vampiric aspect of Lucifer.

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In my personnal vision, the Zombie is an astral servant. At least, it is how I personnally use it.
That being said, it as also been mention as a very physical resurrected bodies my members of the Green Order.

I think it will be pretty up to you to build you own vision about this. My point is not to give a deffintive answer to people. The best option for me would be to focus on the task you want to give to the servant, and the results you want to achieve with it. What ever may come out the grave to achieve it for you, would be a in certain way, secondary.

And may be you’ll find up a walking corpse or either an astral spectre :slight_smile:


Does it comes naturally when I drain from the 2 victims in their youth (they are 20 years old) that I will become younger slowly? Or do I have to state affirmations?

While working eailer with my target today at my house made some discoveries…later after he left to go home.I found myself reaching out to him while halfway across the county line… while he was sitting at restaurant…i zoomed in and heard all the talk in the court and tried to fit in…(it was like before my call like i was him then i was waitress …not making a comfortable or sense of what i was thinking or saying … everything went dark as i pushed to try again…i got pushed back out of the place.

how can i better fit in…don’t like begin called delusional cuz i lost that fact of grounding and making sense

Hello, N.D.

I would like to ask-as for draining other’s energy, drawing in life-force from the environment, and so forth, I note there can be quality issues. Everyone has energy, and everyone has turbid energy at that.

In Daoist energy work, particularly with the lower elixir field, there is an emphasis not just on building energy, but a/the right kind of energy (clean, natural), b/purifying one’s own energy matrix so one is not merely amplifying what is already present (anger, jealousy, dysfunction),etc.

How can the vampyric practitioner learn discernment in this area, and “purify” incoming energies that will naturally have impurities?

Thankyou in advance.


Thats a great question, I would like to know this too from N.D. Blackwood.


this is a great skill i would also like to learn. Great question Mordred and glad your here.

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Yes, the effects of draining will manifest naturally.
You can specify your intention by adding a “mantra” to your draining such as “I feed from your life, I drain your youth”. This act as a mental command.


Greetings Mordred
Indeed there is different qualities and types of energies, Franz Bardon describe them very well. The Chinese medical system too.
Two options here :slight_smile:
-The first is two become familiar with the 6 types of energies and learning how to recognize them. It that way, you’ll be able to distinguish them inside the system of your target and choose what you will drain.
-The second option is to establish a mental/astral filter in your tendril while you drain, with the strict intention to drain only from non toxic and good energy.

I tend to prefer the 1rst method.
Thanks for your question.


That’s also something I have begun with as long I can do. As I understand it when I wash my chakra with drinking chalice water and using the bell to clean the aura I also remove the drained energy.

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Great answer :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hey N.D. Blackwood,
I have recently purchased your book Draguadrotin, Lord Of The Undead. I opened up the package in my room and immediately started reading, as I was excited to receive the book. I am familiar with magick and the occult, but I have spent more time reading about it than actually practicing it. Most of my studies involve Chaos Magick. After reading the book to acquire more knowledge, I felt a strong sense of anger and depression, and still feel a bit of it now. It feels like a connection coming from the book, like there’s a black vortex in the middle of my chest being called by the book. What could this mean? I usually do not have a burst of negative energy like this, so I have reason to believe the energy is tied to the knowledge I obtained from the book. Is it normal to feel a dark connection after reading this sort of occult writing?

I didn’t feel none of that.
That might just be in your head.

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I felt the opposite-the darkness in that tome was one of the most exciting and invigorating magickal feelings I’ve had for a long time…

Feeling fear is probably natural when you come up against something you’re not used to or don’t engage with.

It’s what you do with it.