Ask Me Anything — Advanced Vampire Magick With N.D. Blackwood

Can you feed off someones aura or chakra?

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well, when we get initiated into vampyric strain, aand also other practitioners get initiated to the same strain are we related to them in any sense? and if there is another universe where there is lifeform like humans , can we feed energy and dwell upon that planet?

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Or even feed off thoughtforms?

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Hello, a vampyric entity has shown itself to me 3-4 days ago and your book arrived 3 days ago…Dragodrottin…It spoke and said to me…“ready”…“be ready”…“get ready”…I keep thinking it’s a calling…I know I am preparing for my upcoming rebirth…Spirit gave me the words “strength” and “power” about the entity…it feels very old/ancient even, powerful…like a guide or to help me? I do strongly feel it’s going to stay…I noticed its presence when I started to read your book! And I don’t believe in coincidences…What else or what does it want me to know and/or do?..I’ve asked but I didn’t get a response…there, I se it again now, it is with me. Many thanks for your time, 'Id really appreciate it. Kindest regards, Jessica :smiley:


My brother ty for that amazing ritual. The power of strigoi is within me there is no denying it.

Wellcome to your pact brother

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When you feed do you feel like a empty cup having energy feel you? That’s how it feels when I feed now

Perfect ! That’s exactly how you should feel.
Its like life is coming back in a dizzy/dead body.

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Yes it flows from the third into you and you know when your full. I feed the gods last night giving the half because it’s my pact and felt to full. I can see how over feeding could really make you sick as well

The gods are very close when you’re feeding as well giving advice for example: I wanted to keep feeding off the person for baneful reasons (take everything leave nothing) I was to full the gods told me to tap them on your located feeding point with a pin. This pin was shown to me with the secret seal upon the head of it.

I was called to this path, I was about to ask you for this pact before it was offered. I emailed timithy multiple times given him pictures of my account showing him my deposit trying to make a deal with him. And sorry for all the emails we cool? Haha I was never disrespectful right complete gentleman

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Everything was great, dont worry. I did not received any complain from Timothy.

Your description of the feeding process is pretty accurate. I’m glad many or you received quick effects from this pact. This ritual we made together was nothing less than impressive. I was honoured to be a conduct beetwen this currents and so many magicians around the world.

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Hi~ I have not received “Draugadróttinn: Lord of the Undead” so far, I chose the international shipping, Shipment Tracking Details,display No Shipment Tracking Details record found .

Hi !
Can you contact becomealivinggod support by email please ?
The shippments are made from the United States, I do not have copies in Europe. BALG will be pleased to assist you.

Hi, I have another question please - ref the Life Force Energy Drain…I was just wondering, when draining a target’s life force energy, can the energy be e.g. temporarily held somewhere or held by my body and passed on or gifted to someone else other than for myself? Or can you drain and pass on to someone else? Many thanks, :blush:

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Of course, you can.
EA made a video about this, years ago. The best way to perform this would be to use a storage crystal.
You can absorb the Life essence with your left hand during your ritual, while on the exhale, put it into the crystal.
You can also remplace the crystal by a photo of a personn you may want to magnetize.

Hello Mr. Blackwood,

I am very interested in your book, but am dismayed to find that the currently-available formats seems to be sold out. Will there be a ‘trade paperback’ type release in the future, or an ebook release?

Thank you for your time and work in this topic.

Greetings !
Thanks for your message. Draugadróttin will soon be back in the BALG shop. Just wait for few weeks.

We do not plan any digital release.

Have a great week.