Ask about Servitor

my name is nam.
I have read some posts about Servitor.
And I also intend to create a Servitor.
Can you help me with this question?
Can Servitor speak?
Can other people see Servitor?
Servitor can calculate it?
Thanks, looking forward to your reply.

If I am correct, servitors are introduced in Chaos Magick. Nevermind.

You can communicate with your servitor. After all it is an “entity” that you created.

Well… People whose astral senses are not open ,that is 90% of the planet’s population, won’t be able to see it. So it is very unlikely for someone to “see” your servitor.Although some more experienced folks may see or sense it.

I am not sure I understand this question. Could you please explain to me what you mean?


oh, thank you
I intend to create a servitor that can solve some simple calculations like calculating time, distance …
Is this possible?
How long does it take to create a servitor?

Damon Brand Magical Servitors is a good book and explains the process. Or you can ask a demon to bestow one to you.


Yes servitors can speak, yes they can be seen by someone psychically aware. Servitors are basically constructs made capable of development based on its creators’ will.

The length of time depends on your skill and desire to make it happen.


Well, calculating time and distance? I dunno sorry… But i guess your servitor can do anything you want it to. The time needed to create one depends on you.

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