Asenath Mason/Ascending Flame

Hello Folks!

I’m curious, has anyone worked with Asenath Mason and The Temple of Ascending Flame?

I"m just curious on any insights, reviews, etc as i’m considering trying to work with them.

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@BabyDragon If you go to there web site you can download previous magical rituals and project info. So you can become immersed in there style.

They have some decent stuff, so i suggest checking it out and give it ago.


Thank you. Yes, I have looked through the website.

I’m just curious about people’s actual experience with it.

@BabyDragon I found working with there style was immersive and got pretty decent results connecting to the deities of the projects i worked on. So i found it beneficial :slight_smile: hope it helps.

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Awesome! Thank you!

That’s great to hear.