Ascension Energies

When summoning and aligning with the lower realms, keep in mind that you need to be in a strong healthy state as of the ascension energies which are zapped as of the energy which is needed to bring these lower realms in to the higher realms.

If you are already in a lower state, feeling like a bum, you should not enter the ritual (but is up to you), and you should wait until you feel light, energised, and fully charged as this will bring more success to your Ritual as of the higher energies bringing great outcome…

These Chakra energy points are connected to the spine through certain sensitive nerves, and are the tools which connect us to each realm/dimension/frequency and if you are feeling that your spine is being affected then you should stop until you feel ready again as you will only get a poor outcome where you will not gain the results you want.
Things which can also cause the Chakras to be drained are such things as an unhealthy diet (without electrolytes, vitamins, minerals), to much intercourse, to much drugs, smoking, not enough sleep, over doing, over thinking etc, which is why they say meditation is the best way to charge them as your brain is taking a break and is recharging as it is not having to decode any signals from light, sound, touch etc.

Dense energies can drain you for days and make you feel like a bum, so you should always remember to charge yourself before aligning again.
The Chakras within the human body are the 7 seals, which are connected to the 7 seals of the earth which we are all connected to via Quantum Entanglement depending on how many Chakras you have burst. If all of humanity was to be in a low dense state, the earth would be to (very evident atm)… if all of humanity was in a bliss higher energy sate, the earth’s bliss energies would be seething through your hands making us all feel great.
So stay healthy people, and take heed in the Kundalini.

PS. To ascend one needs to be anointed reaching either the Pineal Gland Chakra, ruled by Mars, or the Crown Chakra which is ruled Saturn. Ascension is Key.
The term ‘anointed’ comes from the oils which feeds the Chakras from top to bottom, them from bottom to top… Hence also the term… Give us today our daily bread ;).