Ascension and its most popular entities

well in the case of ascension I wonder what are the qualifications for it? how was Enoch able to transcend and become metatron? how did the elemental kings paralda , Nicsah , Ghob and Djin attain there places? I know ultimately that we as practitioners of the left hand path have complete control of what we turn into but like Koetting said " those that had practiced there craft faithfully upon there death where crowned dark gods " works of darkness if your wondering . As for those left handers who had ascended and became dark gods what are they called today ? Who welcomed them and most importantly how do I duplicate there steps In order to become more like azazel?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean :slight_smile: - I could move this thread to one of those forums, although “personal ascent” seems more suited to the LHP than RHP/white magick, where people have a place to discuss the more religious paths, and it’s not solely connected to E.A.'s work, but we don’t permit duplicate threads, sorry! :slight_smile:

No-one’s answered either, least of all by saying “Hey I did that and here’s how” so it doesn’t have any content people can learn from… yet. :slight_smile:

This is an interesting thought because when you look at almost every great avatar in the history of mankind they all showed signs of being black magickians. Jesus is probably the most popular. He fed people with fish and loaves, would not conform to society’s norms, and then of course that whole dying and rising from the dead thing. He was a master if manifestation. This subject is really a philosophical debate, but I believe by way of the evidence they present that the avatars were black magickians. Jesus himself was raised in Egypt. If you read the Edgar Cayce files (one of the most formidable sears of all time), spoke of Christ being an Egyptian priest. The same with Moses, and Elijah… The list is endless. All these so called jehova worshipping people were doing some pretty Satanic things. Moses and the serpent? When he was challenged by the Egyptians.

History and reading between the lines has brought me to the inescapable conclusion that we are being preceded great black magicians.

I don’t believe in hero worship and all that shit but watch Koetting in a few years. I’ve seen some people ridicule his work and him. But I have a very strong feeling that he is one of the very strongest indigo children who will pave the way for the crystals coming ahead. Christ was an anarchist, Moses was an anarchist. None of these guys conformed to the ‘law of the land’. Buddha was an anarchist. The guy was supposed to be a king and he gave it up to go live under a tree. These guys are hailed as great white lighters my friends but they are more satanic than we could ever imagine. The RHP, is really and this is my opinion only, a bunch of really shit scared people who dont have the balls to do, so they follow. That’s why I respect Eric because he says straight out, this is who and what I am. And he is willing to teach people without all the bullshit. But he’s not deifying himself above anyone.just like Buddha, Christ and Moses. And every other black magician who’s worshipped by the white lighters. Usually after they torture and kill them. Everyone else is doing it for him because they’re to fucking afraid or haven’t suffered in their lives enough to take that epic plunge into the dark waters of Leviathan.
To answer your questions, no there is no qualification for ascension. That is a state of mind.
We don’t know the names of the other successful black magicians who have ascended because they probably didn’t care much for humanities struggles to come here and die trying to show us our errors. I know that Thoth the Atlantean was one of them. And he wrote a book about it called the emerald tablets.
I don’t know what Koetting meant by his statement about dark gods, but I think he is reiterating that if you do the exercises and form relationships with spirit, when you die your soul will keep its identity and you will have more control. And therefore more choice.

If you want to be more like Azazel, do what Eric and myself and hundreds of other people have done. Summon him and form a pact. Ask for his teaching. He’s really awesome, do it, don’t look back whatever pain may come. At the end you will know you are god!

Well said…