Ascending via Prayer?

I’m curious to know your options on this? Not everyone wants to be a God and many don’t mind bowing as they find that it resonates with their truths. However from what I’ve seen, prayer can be effective if one believes. Some say Quran ans Bible verses can help and so do Hindu prayers. Even Wiccan and Pagans who don’t engage in Spellwork manifest results via Prayer.

Now could this work in terms of Ascension? Let’s say you please a God or Spirit so much that they allow you to fully ascend. Is it possible?


No. Ascension is not dependent on any gods or spirits. We work with them because they can aid us in the work but our potential is far greater than theirs and ours alone to accomplish.

Prayer works regardless of what is prayed to because it is powered by the individual. That is why a truly devout Christian is incredibly powerful. Those old ladies mumbling over their rosaries hold more power than most magicians and it has nothing to do with their god.


There are many legends of gods elevating mortals to deities under them. A sort of forced evolution however they can only bring you to a point under their own power never something above them and it is usually done as a reward for good service or out of a seen potential in someone. It is very rare though and not something I would rely on as you end up in major debt with that being.

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I have gotten a lot done that I wanted to do, and things working out just at the last second through lots of prayer. I’m not religious at all, or was never about the god I was praying to. I just knew that I needed to keep doing it a lot to help me.

My spiritual path has been changing again and I am looking into these new rituals that I read about on this forum.

But you can do a lot through prayer. :+1:

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:100: I know someone like that! They seem to get whatever they want but at the cost of someone else’s misery…


Another reason to not follow such being. I sort of know that. I do good for others in any form and it comes back at me in negative form far worse. Gets to be where you understand why others do ill work. Only prayers I send are words of resentment since elsewise it walks on you and mocks ya.