As within...So without...?

I strongly identify with the adversarial path. And have finally begun to feel like spirituality makes sense.

I also understand that becoming a Magician is not a superficial undertaking, allowing you to remain a whiny angsty teenager and still shoot magic out of your hands, changing/ destroying/ or even effecting the outside world.

I know you can only change/ effect the outside, as much as you’ve strengthened, cultivated, cleaned up, and gotten-to-know yourself INSIDE.

But this leaves me in a conundrum:

How do I maintain an adversial outward identity (with my world*) while maintaining a constructive cohesive cooperative inner truth?

  • this is assuming an adversarial approach is neither nihilistic (stemming from a place of lack or lovelessness) nor is it strictly “symbolic” suggesting EVERYONE is prone to and exercising an adversarial strain.

The particular Current or preference is a state of INTENSE PLAY, a desire of constant “chemical reactions” whether in stirring lively debate, in poking fun, or cunningly posing arguments that people find challenging to their beliefs.
Futhermore, the Adversary, in undertaking this necessary role is, polarized to a “less cooperative, less cohesive, less harmonizing, almost perpetually explosive lifestyle, as he understands the " healing” that takes place from the disturbance he’s created is natural and inevitable.

But consequences aside, on an even existential basis, the very harmonizing process of “resolution” is neither his responsibility to resolve, nor is it his interest or passion to consider, and therefore in no way within his power to do anything about.

The inventor of the automobile NEVER worried about the horse and carriage, nor did he consider the violent noise and speed such a tool would impress upon the populous.

Nor does an explorer or visionary concern herself with the unease she will cause on the minds unprepared to hear and accept these new “progressingly undeniable” truths.

Adversarialism = Ascent

But does Inner Cohesion = Outer stagnance?


The actual seperation is just an illusion like you said of people who dont worry about those things. You have to take into account not everyone can just “simply be themselves” because not everyone came naturally configures to be perfect in a certain way like being the next great inventor. You only seperate to a certain degree when you have created the perfected Blueprint and then you could Fixate Moment to Moment… Rather than scattering your energy too far aheae or on too many things which means you havent perfected the blueprint yet. Fyi nothing wrong with looking far ahead as it has its purpose.

So you focus 100% moment to moment on the right blueprint, the right path which brings all desires and needs. A to B, B to C, C to D…etc rather than just A to Z. This is why I actually mentioned having an Action plan in the beginning. The magician whom simply throws out a magick spell will only invite chaos that will Ruin theirnlives…yeah they may get what they want…but at the price imperfection brings… Whereas the other magician Brings order by having a set of clearly defined goals. This is so one may throw out the chaotic element…hard work does pay off and divination/dreamwalking/looking for Omens/Brainstorming is in fact Work. I would rather figure out via that route and if need be “manufacture/create” the route which can be seen as Road Opening and Road clearing, etc…which by the way isnt a technique limited to Voudon traditions.

To answer some of your other questions more directly:

  1. The inside is a mirror of the Outside. Work on the Blueprint …yourself.
  2. The inside can be construed as working on Information…the outside is all about raising energy and Invoking the Inner Information to then Evoke it. There is no seperation of invoking and Evoking which some have come up with fancy names like Transvocation or whatever. All it really is is a 2-step process of calling up the information inside and then projecting it outside the physical seld (evoking).
  3. When you become adept enough you can actually do both simultaneously because you do not just understand it, but you have become energetically strong enough and experienced enough in the process to where you can portray and mirror the inside and outside.

Other than that. There is no adversary or higher form. It is just one Being…the Self…the External Mirrors the many Layers of energy from Higher to Lower (down to physical katter). The Inner Portion mirrors the external on an Informational level… So for example what people call “Divine Energy” may just simply be higher rarified energy…where the informational layer has nothing to do with Religion or Culture, but rather could be programmed instead for a specific task instead operating much like even a machine, computer or human body or all 3.

So some may perceive it as many selves but it is just ones self…and there are no Morals or Ethics unless you make it so.

Likewise when I mentioned fixating 100% on the right blueprint. It is true…the Devil really is in the Details…which had haunted many a magician.

I’ve been thinking about this, my short(ish) and simple answer to your thought-provoking post is, you can choose what to be adversarial towards, and what to advocate.

Obviously no satanist or other person is totally against everything, not even everything that in some way resembles an external law, all the timeH “Yeah, I need to take a dump right now but screw you law-abiding body, I’m holding that baby in so you know who’s master!” - then exploding in a pile of their own backed up crap. or something!

And I bet most, when they get sick, take the medication they’re given, and doesn’t yell “ANARCHY! I rule reality” and replace their VD pills (I’ve met a few satanists…) with cough drops.

So, if a satanist or other person in an adversarial current can choose not to cross against the light or ignore the low-oil warning in their car, because they advocate for all things that bring them freedom, enjoyment, and anything else they desire, then that gives you leeway to choose what you want to take from any thought-stream, and adapt it to your own uses, whilst remaining adversarial in ways that benefit your growth.

To be permanently locked into an adversarial stance at all times, against your better judgement and to your own detriment, is, in itself, a stultifying and suffocating prison created by internalising a rigid concept of how you should act.

That’s my take on it, I admit it’s not my thing so if it’s not meaningful or at all relevant, my bad and I hope you get some on-point answers. :slight_smile:

It’s easy, just be yourself…if that is truly your nature it will happen for you naturally.