As a promise to Dantalion, I’ll post my experience

Alright So for starters, I had made a deal with Dantalion asking for his assistance in helping assist teaching me basically in the ways of magic. In an exchange, I said I would post the experience if he gave me any obvious signs to know he had answered my petition ( because I have no way to give him a proper offering atm unfortunately ).
Fair warning, I don’t know if it was a for sure** sign but just to be on the safe side, so far a computer wasn’t allowing me to send my class work for some reason. It led me to go to my dorm room and start looking online this site and somehow someway I ended up getting led to a topic about dantalion having to do with helpful advice for new magicians on this topic Can I get some help regarding Dantalion & love spells?


Again, call me foolish if you want, it could have been coincidence but if I get anything else within 5 days, I’ll post it in these comments. I certainly wouldn’t want to take any chances on not fulfilling my deal

Figured I’d post extra. Since writing my petition to him, I’v become aware of how to increase and open my 3rd eye as well as Kundalini ( felt my 3rd eye wiggling around too at one point ). I’v Just been lead to some pretty decent knowledge* since my petition so I can at least say that I think* that he has and still is guiding me ( and for practically free at that ). Now AGAIN*** I’m not sure*** for a fact so take it with a grain of salt. But if he is assisting me, as promised, I’m typing it down

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