As a male experience female consciousness

SWIM wants to know if it possible maybe through invocation or soul travel.
To experience female consciousness such as attention to details, analytical faculties, difference in experiencing emotions ect…
Would that be possible? or does the inherit filter of SWIMS male consciousness will always be in the way to fully experience the other gender consciousness?


Arianna, does not see why that wouldnt work.

But Swim will never know unless he tries.


I don’t see why not but then again I do not really view genders much different in terms of emotions and such and more individual development of them but you can seek the aid of a Goddess, specifically Ishtar as she’s a Goddess of Love and of war, there’s also Sekhmet, Aphrodite, and so forth that through invocation you might get to experience such.

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Swiy could certainly try it. It would be interesting to see if it has any effect. Imo the nature of consciousness itself is not gendered, rather it’s more the individual ego, conscious, subconscious of a person. So I guess you could try something like an alternate timeline where you’re female :thinking:


How about possession a human being via soul travel? Would that give the results that SWIM seek? I.e experienceing mind, emotions, feelings ect…