As a god, would you want to work with humans?

Being evoked on a regular basis, making deals, pacts, aiding with ascension, etc. All that work which many deities are busy with.


My personal beliefs is that is the lowest level of consciousness that we as humans work with. As in saying say you want to work with lucifer. You’ll get a tiny tiny tiny piece of him that works on its on according to what he approves of if that makes any since. that’s just my train of thoughts on the subject.


Some of them yes! Those who are going through similar trials and are reaching out to us! why not!


Good question! There are many beings who are also gods, in terms of power and wisdom etc., who choose to have little or nothing to do with humans, or who maybe only favour a tiny number of people and whose names are not widely known to us, so we’re talking about a group of gods among many, and not all of them.

Being a god (created, birthed, or however they individually come into being) doesn’t immediately land you with a caseload of needy humans! :slight_smile:

People like to express their abilities, some people on here will try to answer helpfully, share knowlegde, even do magickal work for free for complete strangers whose faces they’ll never even see, and that just seems to be the nature of higher intellect - the enjoyment of passing ideas along, seeing someone strike their own path and flourish.

It’s also my UPG that some gods have a kind of genetic/spiritual ancestral link to humans, as well, and that takes it beyond just helping a bunch of cute little primates and into kindred territory, which makes it far more signifiocant - this is why I personally think people do well to forge good relationships with their ancestral gods, WITHOUT that meaning they have to be limited to them, and only them.

You can be an African and get great results working with Sumerian deities, or European and work with Aztec spirits and gods - still, an ancestral connection is always IMO going to be a good backbone for this.

So I think those are the two main reasons, add on that they don’t seem limited to only one location, so multiple evocations at the same time are no burden, as well. :slight_smile:


^ That fits my experience, you get a semi-autonomous kind of interface in some cases, that has almost all the capabilites but isn’t the same thing as the entirety of that spirit.

It’s all a bit weird, because it’s very different to anything a human consciousness can currently do, but I’ve definitely experienced it.


Im sure I would work with them. Just seems my nature to want to help everyone, god, spirit, demon, human. Its just me to help.


Try to look at it like this, as a god you are part of a team of spiritual beings that created the universe. Now by this of course I refer to direct current and not the surface mask of a culture.
The project (the world) is a work in progress. The humans here today are some of the way through their evolutionary process. Although for the initial phases it has been somewhat of a hands off process but when humanity reaches the level of being able to interact with gods and participate in their own evolution it becomes very much a hands on project. For a god this is our grand masterpiece, our Magnum Opus.
This is a pivotal monent in human history where those that speak with gods can have power to influence the future of the planet and the human race.
The internet is the information super highway in the information age this it the age of Aquarius. This is the time when almost anyone has access to anything they want to know. The invention and popularity of the internet is what has given birth to the new age of enlightenment. From this Humanity has earned the right to participate in its own evolution.
There are those both entities and humans that would seek to take this right from you. This is the latest in many wars of the gods that have been fought and you all are right in the middle of it. You are watching it play out in your society and governments your politics and your entertainment.

The argument is a clear one to both sides. On the one side there is the belief that humanity can participate as a whole in its evolution and must be allowed to let natural processes take place. The other side of it is more akin to transhumanism and genetic engineering, and a mass culling of the population.

This is basically why the gods are here it’s a big argument as to which direction to go.


Ugh, likely not.

I agree, and much of it has to do with how much the human has become capable of interaction with greater portions of that consciousness. When one has been under long term possession one begins to become expansive in ones consciousness as the godform stretches what the mind is capable of comprehending.
As one goes through long term possession the lines between the two begin to blur and the self becomes unified.
Your subconscious is aware of things you consciousness may overlook or not asign importance to. The same can be said for the kind of relationship for the super consciousness. Although all parts of the mind it’s still the self. The super consciousness is capable of omnipresence, where as the consciousness is not. But the super consciousness may make important information available for particular situations. Such as a sudden vision or Intuition. When one becomes more one with the super consciousness the information is more readily accessible as the lines of communication between consciousness and sub consciousness and super consciousness are more open.


Most definitely if it is anything in regards to improvement. Just like any entity/god I will probably have some type of criteria and things I will be better at helping those with.

This is very much how I feel as well. I will work or humans whether or not they inquiry me. My power will be used in their world regardless. I tend to think I’m good at team work :wink:


Funny enough, I actually played a D&D campaign once where our characters became gods. In all honesty, I would likely turn out exactly how that character turned out- a patron of people who work hard and make things and fight to retain their personal sovereignty. So yes, I probably would work with humans, or any other baseline critter in the universe, as long as the critter or human put in sufficient effort on their own part.


That’s how many deities operate, or so I hear. They will help you… but they absolutely expect you to pull your own weight.


Why would a deity work with humans, though? Is there a short supply of spirits interested in exchanging favors or growing stronger?

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If the ultimate goal of the universe is to grow and evolve then what else is there to do? Besides enjoy the pleasures of flesh that is…you got to have something to do right?

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I’m not sure how that relates to what I said, honestly.

What is it you are having trouble understanding? Is it why Gods help humans? If so it’s because humans are part of this ever expanding and growing universe and sentient consciousness is at the center of this.
Humanity is a sort of pet project to put it bluntly.

Why are people taking time to answer you in this thread, or any other? :slight_smile:

Is there a short supply of other people in our lives - or, do we just like doing our thing, in a way that makes that thing work for others as well?

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Ehhh… it isn’t the same thing. Deities usually help you as part of a business transaction or contract.

People only interact in exhange for something, even the quality of the interaction has some kind of “price” if you wanted to be cynical; if someone calls you a “stupid assbreath” and insults your family, intelligence, or taste in clothes, you’re probably less likely to be helpful than if they seem like someone you might be friends with in future. :slight_smile:

I think this happens anyway when a person thinks to themselves what would ??? do in tis situation.

I think a mini evocation happens.

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