As a Demonolator - I think I am a Bit Weird By Comparison (LOL)

I enjoy the discussions here very much but after several weeks of reading and lurking here and on Face Book Forums I have come to the conclusion that I am a really strange bird compared to most LHP practitioners. I probably would appear to most of you as more of a RHP person. My alter is not dimly lit. I do use subdued lighting during rituals but only because I am trying to incorporate more deep guided meditation prior to the rituals and bright light dies not work so well for that.

I wear a suit and tie to work daily. There is no dark occult feeling in my home. In fact, there is more of a down home conservative comfortable family vibe in my home. Politically I am a conservative (capital “L”) Libertarian. Most assume I am GOP but I’m not. My lifelong Asian Buddhist wife is though.

I will still go to Christian Churches with my sister and her family on some holidays as a visitor of course but not one seeking confrontation. I was raised in that same church so I “blend”. I left that church but not because I was upset or anything. It simply was not for me. I bare no ill-will or malice towards them. I also help the monks at the local Buddhist temple where my wife goes. They are likable people and I like to help them out when I can. And of course that buys me points with the wife and her friends who all originated from her home country. Happy wife - happy life as they say.

I donate time and money to charities when I feel motivated. I love animals (dogs and cats differently but equally).

If you saw me in public you would never assume that I wear a simple Belial pendant under my shirt and I would probably not stand out in any way compared to the other “run of the mill” pedestrians on the street.

In my rituals I have never sought to do anyone harm. That’s just not me. It’s not so much that I fear a karmic payback but I simply do not dislike people enough to want to harm them. The closest I have come is to ask Belial for protection from someone. The fact is, I like more people than I dislike. I like Christians. I like Buddhists. I like Catholics. I like Atheists. Most people are likable even if a little annoying at times.

In almost all of these ways - I feel a bit odd in the LHP community. Am I mistaken? I hope that I am. I fear that I am not.


This forum isn’t only for the LHP and LHP doesn’t mean just the cliche “hate, destruction and death”.

Most of us won’t kill every single person on sight. In fact I know that most won’t go that way unless they feel it’s necessary. And yes, even Demonolators have baneful rituals.

Several have no hate towards Christians, Buddhists etc.

Most of us like animals and we don’t want/like to kill them and some are into charities.

Also many of us don’t walk around with a ceremonial hood and our houses don’t look like catacombs (and yes I know many that it is their own choice).

Some are still going to church, even though it might not be with their own will.

Long story short, you do you and don’t worry if you’re not the same with someone else. Think that some are also pretending and overact just so they “fit” with the others or with what they imagine as “bad ass LHP magician”.


Great advice!


LHP or RHP it dosnt actually matter! I am a human after all! I do what I want because I am a goddess on my own right! Wanna lable me go ahead! I walk my own path! And it’s a swirling up down up down up down path! :rofl: sorry am too much sometimes…


Very cool. Thank you. :grinning:

I’m glad to hear all of that. I was beginning to think I might have gotten on the LHP for the wrong reasons. Everyone has a right to be who they want to be. I also realize that some of the “darker” personalities SEEM to have chosen the LHP because whatever religion they were raised in by their parents (or even their parents themselves) caused some sort of harm to them and there are scars. We all know that does in fact happen. If we don’t - we do not watch TV news. I have known quite a few RHP people (mostly Wiccans or LeVey brand Satanists) who left their Christian roots behind for this same reason. Not questioning their reasons. They are entitled to it and if their choice made them happy or better able to cope with their past experiences - I salute them for taking those steps.

I see a lot of these people here and on other forums and was beginning to think there was no place for me on the LHP since I didn’t share that common background. Don’t get me wrong - I was disappointed in my Judeo-Christian experience which at one point in my life I was truly committed too. I was not “damaged” by it - merely disappointed. I’m still a huge fan of Jesus Christ. I am not angry at his Dad - but we haven’t spoken in a while and I gave him a chance to communicate a desire to repair or relationship. He never “called back”. So there is not hatred for him or Christianity on my part. I don’t even dislike them. We just do not have much of a relationship anymore. I tried Angel magick for a while and I had some amount of success. But seriously, Angels need a lot of …well…to be blunt…ass kissing to get them to do something. Wow! It’s actually exhausting sometimes. It took me a while to give in to the temptation and “nudgings” from friendly LHP people to give LHP a try. I must admit. Demons want respect and they are entitled to it. But they never seem to require actual “ass kissing” and begging to convince them to help out. LOL LHP is far more practical in many ways. You can definitely be yourself with a demon without fear of judgement.


I have to say that is not very accurate in my experience. I work with both angels and demons all the time and command them both in the same way. I have never had to kiss an ass in my life lol


I’m not sure what you mean by ass-kissing. I worked with angels a lot, even for baneful works at times (I had a just cause). Never had to kiss their ass. I think one needs to be mindful of their purpose, their remit, and their abilities. If I was trying to attack someone just because I was being mean, these angels would remind me of who I am. If I need to attack or defend for a just cause, they’ll carry out the task immediately. For workings that were beneficial in nature, I’ve never had to kiss their ass at all. They’ve always been willing to help if they could. Perhaps the idea you need to kiss their ass comes from your religious background? Just a thought.

Well when I said that I was referring more to the “Gallery of Magick” method wherein you have to do the same ritual every single day for 11 days (nag the poor angel to death) before you hope to see a result. According to them - this is how to get effective results from an angel. Whereas with demons it is more like:

Me: Light the candles. Chant an enn for a few minutes. “Hey Belial…you awake?”
Belial: "Yep. Here I am.
Me: “I have a problem - you up for helping a brother out?”
Belial: “Sure, I’m in.”
Me: “Thanks. I really owe you for this.”
Belial: “Cool”

End of ritual. Do not rinse. Do not repeat. He said he will help so now we wait for it. :rofl:

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This is not weird. Just don’t put a label on yourself, after all we all are humans, and our life is full of white, black, grey and colors :slight_smile: I am most interested in angel magic, but i don’t like church, and i love satanic metal :stuck_out_tongue: I feel great sympathy for paganism. What is weird that first metal song I heard was christian XD literaly death metal lord’s prayer :rofl: Still like it.


That’s because with GoM methods you are using talismans, not actually evoking the angels directly. The talisman method is easier than evocation and doesn’t require trance or developed senses, which is why it is geared heavily towards beginners. As to whether or not this is how you get effective results from an angel, I know that some magicians work under the assumption that one cannot evoke angels (the reasoning as for why this is so varies from “we aren’t capable of it,” all the way to “its just plain rude to summon God’s messengers to do your bidding”). In the point of view of these type of magicians, only demons can be summoned because they are seen as somehow lesser than angels and closer to the Earth.

In my opinion, I think it is a bit silly to say angels require more ass kissing in order to work with them simply because of one particular methodology. That is the equivalent of saying demons have to be constrained in a triangle simply because that is how it is done in the tradition of Solomon. This entire forum shows that is definitely not the case.


There’s an old saying in the UK my grandparents used to use (predates the change of meaning of the word ‘queer’):
“Everybody’s a bit queer, save thee an’ me… an’ even thee’s a bit queer!”

Meaning “yeah that Sally she’s weird - she’s alright though”. Everybody is different, and everybody has something strange going on, that they might not want to share with others for fear of being socially rejected. Kind of nice to not get on their case about it or tell them to be different really - and I like to think we don’t do that here.

I don’t think you need to worry about that though when you’re only comparing yourself to an amalgam you invented based on relatively little data. Case in point, by your reckoning. I don’t “fit” any more than you do, just because I came via non-LHP modalities, I’m also older, middle class and I wear suits to work where I deal with fortune 500 (or 100) clients for a living… Does it matter? Not in any way I noticed. I fit in the ways that do matter, or I wouldn’t have stayed.

I think the main question to answer is whether you feel you benefit being here, and if you do, take that and don’t worry about the rest.


You sound like me to an extent in the sense that you’d never be able to look at me and think that I would ever go anywhere near the darker side of magic. I’m not as fancy as you though. No suit and tie. My style and taste is kind of “basic white girl on Instagram” really. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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