Artistic Cult of Love

There is a blatant dialogue going on between people who have respect for the poetic.

In the vernacular of the love cult, Love is the mystical state of being as well as the miraculous effect.
Pay attention to the exact words of any lyrics that include the word Love. If you catch any hints about being psychic, you might be a love poet.

That’s ACL lingo for a skilled empath.


O also suspect that ‘you’ often means Eudaimonia, the blessed state one achives in response to correctly doing some specific shit that they have to figure out themselves.

I might be wrong though. I’m not sure how many gangster rappers were big fans of Aristotle.

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–50 Cent



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When someone asks you, “Are you a god?”
You say Yes! -Winston the Ghostbuster

There is a “poetic seer” state. I’ve done it, and it’s not unlike kundalini. There are loads of hit songs that are so obviously about the poetic version of ascent that it can be freaky. The ascended state turns everything into subtext and double entendre.

It Was related to Plato’s cave though. The “popped out of the Matrix” state.

The showbiz mantra is “give the people what they want.” David Bowie knows that the people want incontrovertible evidence of their own divinity.

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The arguments from asthetics are old hat, but there’s something drawing my brain back and back to it.

I think lots of people get labeled as mentally unhealthy when they go through a process that should be very good for their mental health. I think that lots of artists are aware of the philosophical questions that surround the definition of mental health and it reflects in their work.

There’s some kind of interesting idea trying to grow in the irradiated wasteland of my brain. It’ll get there.

To put this in terms of black magic, the ultimate power in my eyes is influence. I’m not saying its the hardest hitting or most consequential, but that’s the god power that I crave the most.

Cultivating one’s light and loving side is beneficial to the selfish agenda. If you honestly like other people, your mind will have a much easier time working with theirs.

Koetting is doing a great job pushing his ideas. His charisma and attitude make him a valuable asset to entities who want to influence people. That’s a good situation to be in.

I think that Beleth is a good demon to work with, because she makes you more attractive to the others.

Lyrical references to Evidence are a huge tell. Hermetic poets often surround the concept of evidence with obvious lyrics about keeping it a secret.

Man I got Evidence, I’m never dense
And I’ve been clever ever since
My residence was hesitant
To do some shit that represents
The M.O.

There are plenty of songs titled Evidence, and shit tons of lyrics that reflect the Hermetic tradition of passing codes right under the noses of those with no ears to hear. Loose lips sink ships, but if it keeps on reigning, the levee’s gonna break.