Artificial multiple personality disorder

Is it possible to create this disorder artificially with magic?

For example could someone implant fake memories, or use past life memories for this disorder.
Does anyone have experience with this?


So you are basically talking about dissocation? Check out released files on Mkultra, and convert it to magickal methods.Easy to say of course.


Basically a forced tulpa/thoughtform. so yes. In this case, you’re either aware or unaware of it and it’s aware or unaware of you. It’s a personality shift.


First, there is no such thing as multiple personalities. The illness is known as Disassociative Identity Disorder. Basically, it is what happens when certain aspects of the personality are exaggerated and branched off, usually through traumatic experience.

And it is actually something people do all the time. When we create our “magical persona” or Magician Self, for example, that is what we are doing. We are exaggerating as aspect of our personality for magical effect. The only difference is that we don’t disassociate or “black out” when we take on that state.


This is publicly known agenda, to create delusion grandieur, to create existences of suffering to afterlife, to make you walk as someone else, and off you after taking best pieces of your mortal existence.

i am first hand witness of this program, but in a distant way its also inteligence test, so im not exactly sure sure what to think about it as whole.

this is deep conspiracxy… i wont continue on topic here coz i been warned earlier, let the god judge them too…

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Hypnosis/NLP techniques can be used to induce a state of dissociative identity disorder.

Dissociative class drugs- Ketamine, PCP, Dextromethorphan . Abuse them daily, in the upper high doses…Should be enough to splinter ur mind, if u dont suffer seizures, strokes, overheating…

I can assume u desire it to have a personality for every situation. What one can cnot process, the other personality can pick up the slack…It’s a terrible idea. None ot the experiences of each one will be processed. Un -processed events, emotions relating to those events creates a nightmare. U may wind up with broken multiple personalities…

Only other idea i have is to create a servitor to govern each personality u have already…We all have many, but they aren’t fractured as one sees in dissociative identity disorder, ALTERS, and schizophrenia…Write down the different personas or masks u wear during every scenario, encountered and imagined, and create a servitor to govern those aspects of your personality. You can program their automated responses to certain situations using conditional statements…

U can also avoid ppl for 2 weeks, like speak to no one, look at no human faces on line, on tv…complete isolation…that might make u a lil bit crazy…I’m going to assume this is not something u want for urself, but a target whom u may seek control over???


No it is something i want for myself.

Get into Tantra, I have the most luck with chod when it comes to introducing another being into me which can cause personality shifts for a period of time or for when a certain type of situation arises.

Also noting on the thoughtform your trying to produce helps, once you’ve rounded out its good, bad and neutral vibrations, all you need to allow it to surface is convince yourself to see it in you and the world around you. without projecting it onto another of course, but instead understanding what that personality conveys of things and roll with it.

Dramatic changes in personality and fluctuating back and forth might label you as bipolar or schizophrenic in the public eye so do be aware of that.

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Yes. As someone who is diagonsed with this disorder their is such a thing as “spirtual systems” but honestly i take offense that you would even want to try that. This disorder is pure hell to have. With that being said yes, there are certain people who view D.I.D dissociative identity disorder through a purley spiritual lense. If you want to develop it go get traumatized. Works for me any everybody else.


A spiritual systems are widely different and not one of your sub-personalities fracturing into a co-dominant persona that is aware or unaware of one another.

I get the theoretical idea behind wanting to but the the theory has many holes in it, some look to do so because they think it will help them in their practice when it comes to projection or disconnecting from reality to “stay in their head” while the forced persona is “taking over” but I am fairly sure it doesn’t work that way.

No that is a persona as you stated. Its smaller role you play within what you identify as your ego.

DID is WAY different.

People have been known to switch and speak different languages, change bone and facial structure and even have unparalleled strength.

These people switch personalities. I talked to a girl with DID. She used a different name and had no recollection of who I was. Her mannerisms were different and she was way smarter.

She is the same being but it was not a persona she developed and had control.

People binging out calling themselves BATMAN to feel powerful for hours on end behind a computer is way different then talking mid sentence and and plunging into a deep voice, a different dialect and an entirely new muscle memory.

These people rarely have the luxury of putting on the mask and taking it off.

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What you are looking for is a secondary self to promote growth.
Identify as a person and do everything as them.

It’s a technique used in therapy as well as ancient philosophy schools.

Select a person you greatly admire and want to be like.
Then let them take over all thoughts controls and action you have.
You are going to need to get into character and stay in character.

I have done this multiple times.
It is very healthy and different than trying to traumatize yourself into being someone different.

Give the person full reign and control and take a back seat.

Possession and invocation will also greatly change your personality.
With invocations you can call the being into your soul and have them intertwine with you.

This worked well for me with both Lucifer and Belial.
Repressed memories shined through and soon I could not recognize myself.

You need to go through immense change to have a psychological rebirth.
Act as the person you admire for a few weeks on end only taking a break when you need to.
I have taken full advantage of this technique and will continue to do so.
You are avoiding the trials and PROCESS of change, we can lay out the whole process but you must DO IT.

I know where you are, I was there less a year ago if im honest. A well known member was kind enough to aid me. They were a voice of reason for me but they were no saviour (thats a good thing).

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I’m sure there are many and varied ways to mess with people’s heads with magick if you really feel like doing that, but dissociative identity disorder (previously known as multiple personality disorder, but changed because the disorder is less a result of multiple personalities as it is of the individual personality splitting into different parts) was cultivated in many, many people by therapists with no knowledge of magick.

This is a rather controversial topic within psychology. Some would say that DID isn’t even a real thing, and that all apparent cases of the disorder were simply a result of what was essentially hypnotic suggestion. You’d be surprised how easy it is to manipulate people (to an extreme extent, even) when in a position of authority over them while you have their complete and absolute trust.

My personal opinion (take it with a grain of salt) is that most cases are likely just the result of suggestion from overly eager therapists (indeed, almost all known “cases” can be traced to a very small handful of therapists), but that there do seem to be legitimate instances of DID naturally arising as a result of repeated traumatic experiences.

The key word here is repeated. As an example, one well-known case involved a woman who was being sexually abused by her father (or perhaps another family member). Because this happened so frequently to her, her mind “split off” a section of itself to be active while the abuse was occurring, and another to be active the rest of the time. While the latter personality was active, she experienced lost time and would find bottles of alcohol in her car, with no recollection of purchasing or drinking them. She was able to eventually recover and re-integrate her selves, with the assistance of therapy.

So yes, you could attempt to implant false memories into someone, and this is often easier to do than you would expect. Memory is far more fallible than most people know. This practice of cultivating false memories in others is known as gaslighting. It is often quite effective, but against someone who is aware of common manipulation tactics, it is a glaring, incredibly obvious red flag. Someone tried to use this against me, once. I proceeded to crush their feeble existence out of my reality.

This is similar to what I want. I think you guys don’t understand my reason. My reason is that I just want to go crazy. I would rather have that then live out the rest of my life like I am now.
Permanent possession, soul leaving body, or going crazy. These are the most acceptable things for me to be “free” of my body in some way at least.

No it is not for growth. It is basically something I need to use to essentially escape this body and life in some capacity.

You are running away from your problems.

If you want to ruin your life its really not that hard.

You do not actually want to go crazy. Of you did you would not be online. You’d be screaming or drooling next to a homeless man while you were both on drugs.

I did a hefty amount of shrooms. I walked through a bunch of cacti naked because my trip was so out of control I felt like if i did that and proved to myself I was in control it would help.

Thats how I came up with the soul suicide. I was high off of 5grams of shrooms lemon tekked. And I walked through a bunch of cacti. I was dying. It was the most therapeutic feeling ever. But not in the way you may think. I felt the greatest emotional releases but only by pushing through the pain.

Change who you are.

If you want to “go crazy” talk to Belial. Ask to be transformed with his black alchemy.
He will tear you down and rebuild you.

This time last year I was messaging Lady Eva talking about wanting to be a woman. A woman…

I also tried to kill myself multiple times.

Have you ever been to a psyche ward?
Go share a room with a stranger who is whisper in tongues and talking to himself all night.
Or someone who cannot cannot speak properly. That’s crazy bro.

You are avoiding pain and growth.


No I don’t want to do that.
Plus I would still be sane.
Ideally I would like to be gone, with this ego intact.
I don’t want to be sane while in this body

When I said like I am now, i didn’t mean my personality. I meant my sanity

If I could give away my body and not do this that would be better. I put so much practice into abilities and I got nowhere. So this may have to be what needs to be done

Go shoot up some drugs.

Go get but raped by men in jail.

I mean its really not that hard to ruin your life bro…
If thats is what you truly desire

I do not think anyone has to tell you crime + heavy drugs + horrible vices will destroy you quickly.

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