Artificial Blood Ritual? Is this possible?

Ok! I have been searching the forum, looking for Egyptian Blood Rituals. And currently not finding anything I need or want. Is it possible and okay to use something other than blood, like say, red rose petals boiled in water for what I’m doing?

And can a living thing be a sigial, like a bird?


Blood rituals require…blood.

It’s not called liquidize Rose Petals ritual.


I would ask what you have a problem with within the ritual. If it is the type of blood, use a different type? If it is the Blood, then try to find a ritual to do instead. As seidkona.ishtar affirmed, a Blood Ritual requires blood to be successful. Blood is the living river and contains much power in only a few drops; you would be searching in vain for a substitute source of power its equal.

Just a few drops. Don’t be stupid. One time on Xanax and alcohol I attempted to make a prick, that turned into an incision that nearly needed stitches. I didn’t even jab myself, I dug in and slashed. Idiotic. But it was very good energy for the work and connectivity.

Don’t go hard out unless that’s your intention.
I’m hemophobic, the more blood work I’ve done The less fear of blood has become.

:face_with_monocle: It was not instruction. It was meant to illustrate the power it contains. That even with only a few drops of blood one would be hard pressed to find a substitute equal to it. :mage:‍♂

Even though there’s no true substitute for blood there are a few exceptions just not as powerful. Look into witchcraft and you’ll find a few. Back in the day I’d make a batch of substitute with a few drops of blood for the energetic connection and it was more thsn enough. But, some entities will require the real deal if they ask for it. Sometimes you just gotta get shit done.

what are you on about? I’m not talking to you.

It depends entirely on the nature of the ritual, and the significance of the blood. As has been stated above, blood is the living river, the shared gift of all our ancestors. There is power there that can’t be traded out.

BUT, and it’s a right big but, that living essence isn’t unique to platelet-carrying blood-havers. A lot of Grecian Witchery allows for the substitution of Pomegranate Juice for blood. Our plant and animal brethren are every bit as connected to that endless current as we are, and their vital essence is no less valuable.

The difference is that your own blood is uniquely yours to give away in offering. If you want to get that kind of value from the vital essence of something or someone else, it has to be given to you, or properly paid for. Otherwise, it means next to nothing.


ah! So you do know how to reference who you’re talking to; if there is no reference, it is presumed to be the one just prior to your comment.

Right on the nose, MalikLucius

Depends on the ritual design. I’m a fan of designing my own rituals rather than 100% copying other people’s.

The other two gateways are fire and water.

Maybe try water with spit in it to add your own body and spirit to it. This is not seen as disrespectful unless you strongly think it is.

So I’d say, edit the ritual to suit, try it, and if it feels weak re-edit to add power in whatever ways work for you.

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About five years back, I talked to an alchemist about this. He suggested making magnetic ink as it would have iron (like blood) and the essence of life through the energy and care you put into making the substance. I do not know how well this would work, as I just use blood, but it is worth looking at.

It is also interesting that you mentioned that it is an Egyptian blood ritual. From my understanding, the Egyptians only used blood in their offerings to the gods (and/or pharoahs if we count emtombing servants in their pyramids) in the first and second dynasty as well as when the greeks (who were known for mass animal sacrifices) came in contant of the egyptians. This is inspiration for further study on my behalf.

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Lol don’t over complicate things now… or else you start to sound high maintenance :rofl:

Hiya OP! Not only are there more powerful alternatives to blood, but artificial ‘omni-type’ blood was recently invented by scientists for medical use/transfusions. That stuff would be crazy! :slight_smile:

:rofl::rofl::rofl:No worries

Use menstrual blood, if you don’t want to cut yourself and are female. It’s real powerful stuff.


Ahhh! Okay!


I’m doing this ritual on behalf of someone else. We’re “coming out” Dragonfly. If you get my drift.


Mmmm! Symbolic stuff here. If the blood is the river that carries the life, than all things run towards the Tree of Life. Am I understanding this properly?

Nice! I’ll look into this more! :blush: