Artifact Construction Ideas

While watching a video link this morning on working with demons I was pondering that Kickstarter and the Goetia coins (it’ll be a while before I get mine but I will post pics when I get them… yes they will be part of my divination tools and more).

Anyway, an artifact idea came to me. This could be quite a large brass vessel with rare earth magnetic core inside. The construction on the inside is free moving with possible receptors of some sort (maybe produces electric sparks or current when the receptors on the free floating core move… dunno).

Another option is just a rare spherical earth magnet covered entirely in brass. Failing that, lead core or stainless steel covered in thick brass.

The brass is etched with each of the 72 Goetia seals connected in some order around the sphere. That’s a lot of seals and a lot of work but I’ve seen etchings done quite small and perhaps this could be done easily on a 3D printer. The grooves of the seals need to be just a little deep but easy to clean. So a goetic sphere of sorts.

There is value in long tedious process of doing the engraving old school. Like any art it becomes infused with the the essence of its creator. The end result would be many times more powerful and personally significant.

This seems extremely expensive, not everyone has that kid of money laying around.

Yeah, earth magnets are but it came to me. This is the sort of experimentation I’d be doing if I could afford. It’d be nice if I was skilled but hiring the best craftsman are what the rich can do (sadly I didn’t hit 1.6 billion lottery).

There was a Tetragrammaton idea for a tetrahedron to create the Tetrahedron of Art rather than a triangle. I have no idea what if use it for other than containing parasites or crazed spirits that fuck with one. I certainly would NEVER use it on those I deal with and respect in the cthonic spirit hierarchy. And there’s the cube… possible elemental with of the spirit being sephiroth and spirit qliphoth.

But I think there’s more to their construction than cute paperweights.

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