Art thread

Life Breaking Frame (poem)
& some photographs

3 ate 3
Sick and sucking in a parade before the sky’s stealing fair eve
the wall laughs holding exit plan hidden numbers
stars misplaced brides to be
evoke the wrong things
No less
performing the most important secret
ten years too early
Ladies and gentlemen?
Gone missing since Monday
Important time for walls to leak,
“You’ve Lost it! Who are you going to call?”

The phone rings. Invested

“Ham ka sirf dulahin chhahi aur kachhu nahi”
(We want only bride and nothing else)
"Ham ka sirf dulahin chhahi aur kachhu nahi "

The televisions were identified as Baal,
Zeus sold saturn, like an Aeon ago.
The grabbing buckets, last long trees

Little children in tunnels, one around the corner far ahead
Jumping all around him, something stirs the something smells something like something

coming up? The bottom backdoors broken
New morning, didn’t want it to sound like that

No more news better than X back with A, better spelled closed with sounds at aimed at the entire team, no available drops ins
Hasn’t been where again? Who just got seconds ago
Screaming through phones lost in detentions

Abandoning forced doors left, right wrong one opened
Vigus Tickets Asking the 8 saplings of five fruit trees
as a token of dowry

hawk’s beak, burn feathers
forget to bring the water for the cup
steals the standing last place
Imploring angels has never been this weak

stop and look in at the completing kisses
Finally returning from readings on Vera’s vault
take no decisions or,
wrap the last ribbon back
around six tissues. put 3 back

more kisses over a smashed break
upwards after, up into a burning tank
no ones home, you’ve felt the hate of the rest

the defined recognized identified
judge last month as if it were in
Purple rushes in through veins
as the ignored messages keep the beings flamed
Falling back down, oranges put outside of her doora

Little friends hidden, See the tea, or tobacco pouch curse

Marching stalker moods under lamp lines store in view
Listen through a window, you can’t see. March passed.

Secret servitors with rocks around their necks

Nice to be seen as drinks for the down and out ring
Closed captioning is not required for the language of Aim

Horrid storms almost miss us, instead they’re fucked on
tonight she stands smiling hands squeezing

why does the noise make so much noise by the house?
why won’t the seen angels move more around?
is this rock big enough? it fits in
Are they really taking hold or letting me out?
How well can a compress fix this bone sticking frown?
IS anything more identified for more than just sticky?

Let her off
Caught up side, still.
can’t get dressed.

don’t fear the purpose of belial, let it eat out
magnified awfulness of self realization

invoke the On brella
May shows good corner counters remain clean

feathers are the vision holding scheme
not only the eyeless statues, masks, cave graffiti

but the next door neighbor beaming ascension and bliss like drug induced sky dreams
holding up false bad guesses and burning inch long bars into the temples

Programs of the skull’s ending jam form ghastlies LiLiLu

Kana lasta (long, won’t end)

feen kagrava (to suck to a grave)

yakey (distraction, sparkle)

nosawedai (no interrogation, final)

Da ena!

There’s also no Weh-Da-ING

the covenant is out dated
no one is waking me! I’ll sleep forever
under feathers covered in dirt

hiding the lost keys in the forgotten soot
images of showers turning up with glitter in an envelope
a girl
The ink used was invisible
clear out the born from the mirrors

Peeking in after with tendrils from under ground into the toes
moving you knows

Causing the blank stare of the wish upon fullest orgasm,

oh the little weak dream of fair
Wiping it all clean, meaning to scare her

the shadow of Eetaha Zeraili

promises fulfilled
As soon as the pillar melted away
the steps re appeared

implore. invoke. in courage the rapes end
and they all return, happy ending.
the special

we get


Knots for today include

Vaduk, Az, Lilu

Who put this one on?

Re order the angel of Inepsigos!
Better make her feel good about being so dead

Green colored- and all, you look good in that shadow
does light do your hair?
Last time this happens
Now put the garlic in

let pus be damned


I was passing by, a drawer was open, and I caught my jacket you couldn’t fool me that way! Pick up that stuff and put it in the drawer!

HEKETE is less than 6 feet tall

. One poem about murder
what to say about the stains?
You know what I’m doing now?
What’s allowed to occur in the kitchen?
These knives I keep replacing

./ Love
I saw it all last night in a dream
a vacation
looking out over a landscape in a mist
Can’t describe it much more
but the feeling…I can describe that
Simple word; perfect
Things usually went well for weeks
What’s one bad day?
Enough to think its all wrong!
But when the dreams bleed us together
And we remember the night we both dreamed of skunks
We have to remember
the smell is only temporary
the smell was only caused because of an accident
the smell is only on one part of the road
We keep driving

News : roommate stealing show. Girls stand there as I identify her as the wrong one its not her. Shes coming over. The other girl that was supposed to be for me is his too. There’s a girl I gave him he doesn’t wake up to say hello to her. Lala oh and the one born saucy lives in a street with two different names. Both houses look the same with greens and railing. No one tried asking for the reason she died. Grown to maturity in seconds before my eyes. I saw it in her there across the street she is walking by now reading this I know those feet

I’m not a little kid anymore.
I speak the same language as the television
i walk out of a bathroom
and people are throwing things
later I’ll notice
that my friend’s head is cut
who threw that?
We were having a good time, what happened?
I can appreciate a bad time, but still…
we missed the last song
and he sings that one good
then that one guy had to keep hitting the lights…
and hitting the stools…
that one got hit in the head hard
If I was him I would of just left
but he must have wanted to be hit in the head
he looked good getting hit in the head
Lets hit him again if he tries to come in

She hasn’t seen him in years
She has to go to a care home hospital to find him
He killed the sick dog in the living room
There’s a bullet in the floor
There was a beautiful cat, she says,
that has been harassing the neighborhood
The cat wants the house
He killed the cat too and said, “That WAS a beautiful cat”
She’ll leave the hospital. What does he look like, sitting there all day?
as she awakes in her front yard at sunrise,
having been there since 12 AM guarding her hoard of trash
Everyone around her dies
Various disease names are evoked. Still no explanation for the turtle shells
I feel that I’m missing something, and she knows the bushes I jumped through
to steal something
So now im stuck listening to her stories, meanwhile, down the street of mt. view
the neighbor is higher
I did, however, find out her son died from a brain tumor
She thinks it might be because he played outside in the rain
The News at 6 said not to

fan, tv, oven fan
all on.
the smell of oregano oil made my sinus hurt
last week I felt 200 shots into my head
because I didnt answer the phone to someone who wanted me dead

the sound of math problems
all wrong
I am compulsively eating garlic to ward off the flu
last week the television turned on
the sound of a voice asking,
“whats wrong?”

now things are inflating, the same thing
continues to happen
something skips and you see broken sprockets
I dont understand why its quieter when you’re here
all I can say is, “I can’t complain…”
But it was too quiet

great things occured when the rest was avoided
not having to wake up in the morning
makes you more awake
I once felt what seemed like dental drugs
making my head swell up
then 10 years later I felt it again
in a therapist’s office
the most important book I ever read
was so boring
it was about a seagull
I felt the book should of featured the corporation yard dump
I didnt clean out the pipe
so now that thing I didnt want there
is making my head swell up

the sound of two fans and bad TV
hands rising from under blankets and stretching
“nice covering yourself at the last second” is had to be repeated
I should have bought the silver when it was on sale.
what I should have done was saved for some wire.
I cant imagine the buttons
the switch panels; unscrewed
No apples, just savings
savings savings
the best time is when things havn’t happened in awile

the fan had so much dust on it
the car windshielf let in water
the first thing I noticed when I went somewhere else
was that there was a leak too
something from outer space searched
its wet breathe is trying to break in
it sits outside our doors, waiting to attack
I stayed dry for the most part
ran to my doors
but it still broke in at the end
I can’t believe my eyes
is there some sort of foam I can put on them?

to say when walking away from sick areas

Teff ab taka
Shule tena tretauh
Balasto nistafala
Ala Fata Ala fata

holding the head in, deciding not to keep planets in the fire place
as the singing goes, why do they even bother distracting?
I can feel something eating into bone
I had decided, because of temptation
to implore the sick spirits
as defined in evoking eternity
all around there was nothing left,
Everyone around assumed title as a paid lifetime viewer
Quick history of the throwing sharp swings, I’ve done this before
You can look up public records and see the starbucks attacks
parts around hid in bushes
from the left
feel the bite
take notice, see, the sick ones laugh
let them have it, and let them have a laugh
otherwise threaten the walls, if no one is there
lighting cigarettes in the wrong place caused laughter
smells stained
next time here, the smell remained and then, small sticks held
caused arousal and conversation
you can’t smoke in there
We had a simple abject. the girl was in the pound.
they hold them 3 days,
then watch … sink into springs…
The attacks continue worst as the bus driver was smarter in this scene
we’d had trouble with this bus driver before
let me show you the way to the candles
I only use them because I can’t see
first you’ll need a place to take, working behind the veil works fine
listen as the ones in the back laugh
they are always there, mistaken identity
they’re losing you, listen to the misplaced names
Eye rack
fixing the legs, the bastard held a fake mustouache
and they went right past him laughing
now the 3 days are up
and the drops of wax fall onto, taking a hold
get a rope, get a wire
slip two, here’s a key, now what?
Oh the last place this was

Alexandra .\ a goddess, Sometimes on Halloween

How can I know
How could I see the things you place on your window
If I wasn’t the same. The same gross disgusting face
with pieces of dirt on the nose that will never come out
How could I know you read the same thing If I wasn’t the one
who is really behind your eyes
How could I sleep anywhere else, when you created me in your bed?
There was never a better time to stop
but you hit the children, you hit me, it won’t stop
Now remember
The last thing you are
is nice

Last night, however, I did take the train to the bar, the whole time I talked to myself about how I wanted to meet a certain woman. And that she would have a certain face, a face I’d known before.
At the end of the line I had to wait for a bus. It took an hour for the bus to come, I said to myself, “The reason things take time is that the whole world is reworking things for you” On the bus I push the “Stop” button as another girl is about to, I do it for her. we both get off the bus. I decide to stop at the thrift store first. No candles, except a nice one with flowers on it, I think of the woman with the face I know but havnt yet. I put the egg candle down.
I look at some small pictures. preserved flowers from maryland, a girl in purple with a purple hat, and I Can’t remember. I stack them on top eachother and then find a great big chunk of quartz crystal for 2. 50$ I purchase and decide to put 3 quarters in the toy dispenser. I get a red ring with flowers painted on it, a pink ring with shiney thing around it, and a yellow rubber band. I decided to throw these each in the air in the parking lot,
“This is for the girl,
this is for the prettier girl,
and this is
I just don’t even want these”

In the bar she is there, I tell my friends, “I havnt seen her in 100 years. Maybe even over 100 years.”

I knew her of another time
Let go! No holding her!
Waiting without
So I decide to see these other girls come in
She says as I look at them, not her
“Just got a little distracted by a pretty object”
Her eyes lock into mine.
The two new girls next to me say,
“He said, NO CAN DO”
I have to tell them, this was not about that, but this other thing
so I would say yes to you
I literally cannot read the rest of the poem I scribbled on a lottery ticket.
The 2 sorcereses left,
my old love comes to me
We make contact with eachother.
I couldn’t believe the conversation we had
She knew me. I have identified another goddess.
I am liking the idea more
less of the idea I used to like
More so the idea I liked in a way
of just cutting out turkeys and putting them on my door
The one I liked more I just accepted the cards
Let the little bats fall out to my surprise
its on a tape somewhere next-door

I’ll never get again what I never had, a

I’ll never be in a state where the snow falls for a moment

I cannot imagine ever caring about the fireworks
more than the night when I caught his eye looking at her
instead of the fireworks

the best place it could all take place
is in that one song

I’ll take the quick fall to the matresss
as the hiccups are ignored
falling fast asleep
next to the one who knows me best
not a woman, not a man

but my own clown around creation

not the one who remembers me
not the calaendear that still reflects last month

the silly clown creation

that will lay next to you in the morning
who will wait beside you when told
“wait for momma, she’ll be back from the store soon…
…and then we’ll eat”"
the violent one, who holds a sword to your head
saying the despicable word “die”
after being told its not a good word
after hurting everyone around
without a thought other than winning
this prizefighter, who is playing only for practice
sleeps well, wakes up in harmony
but after five minutes
much like me
is dissatisfied with the lack of ground
I’ll bring an animal
stuffed with candy and quarters
and you’ll see just how sure I am
that someday a man might kill the champion

a painting infront of me flickers out, out of light. It was just a reproduction. Does this mean Van Gogh was manipulated in the past? Did the time travelers stop the children from accidently murdering him? Or perhaps the time travelers stopped the trollops from reproducing his art in prints at thousands of cents?

Then the couch begins to move, is it the termites? Its not made of wood, maybe they just wanted to use it to get closer to the wooden frames? Can’t they climb walls? Should I move the couch back? Why do I assume it is termites as the laughing spirit in red comes nearer? The last bottle is broken, It fell off a bike, a stolen bottle of liquor has no value, so why are you holding so much against the bike? Leave the bike infront of the street. Let another person take its curse. Maybe they will drop something that needs to be broken. On a train there was vampires.

They were the bad kind. One had a large dent in his skull. Self inflicted. Several dents in fact. I was unable to glance at them except in the reflection in the window. They stick their tongues at me. I wonder what the skin must feel like. So old and white. The torn hair lines. These particular passengers are the types that think suicide was last resort of the painter. Something to do with crows mimicking him to do it. But the true story was that the children came to see him, and accidently shot him. The painting begins to flicker back before me. So many blue flowers. I dont know flowers well, but they are blue. Over 23 of them. But crowded out, to the far left, is the white one.

The blue ones all stare at this white one. Constantly judging it. Constantly not allowing it to just be what it is. Why isnt it blue like the rest of us? Why does it face towards the blue ones? Why are the blue onces all faced towards it? I do believe the artist was watching something. I am positive he had no problem with life. The blue ones need to leave the white one alone.

You have no idea, this place I’m in there right with you
Then the terror begins
I awake, nothing else
NOthing else but this painting to screw up
But you do know, you were in it, you saw your pants ruined!
Paint on! That can’t be removed!
Not your pants, your face
I perfected your face
I am the one who let you see straight
I remember now, the time you said
You know what you said
I don’t need to say it again, you know how you changed
But decided not to change
You let it all consume and drown you
You let me change your face, your face was plain
Now I see your face, it has no other way
but beauty, and how beautiful
I don’t think I will ever work so hard to make someone beautiful
You have no genetics
No skin or hair
You only have my eyes
That make you
Right there.


Ill. All. Ill.

broken beaches, open holes, hiding in places, being held too tight, the veins in neck start breaking, the movement is breaking, the silence is penetrating, the purprose is lifting, the path Is burning, the connections are fading

and now, with quick skill, point the newest boomerang and let loose

The convertion of 375999 to Base 23 is 17khi
to Base 27 is h3gf
What is the multiplied by 2 of 162007?

regarding side log splits via rippings false teachers
Trail of trying to get particular woman in store
The last places checked
A good spirit gathering of little spells and tidbits from dark magicker BS
mostly fixation, fixed, watching sand and stars fall from light
Commanding now from earthen black hole, call them to me.
I will try my best

better in a desert
would it matter where I was? Ever?
I probably would of thought nothing.
The monkey, The woman. another door opens:
I hope u rot
oh, great, thanks everybody! *applause giveth to SELF.
The king of the empty chair! More worthless a letter! Only 1 Not All! I’ve taken the place of, I have no face of. I can’t even be hidden away cause!

What to ask for:
A Cigarette.
A F ON Faerie (usable for mold or troll shots. SND also do excorcisms. Symbol is two feathers. IF accidents occur, its ok, you’re just getting stronger. Sounds of Sirens
Black roses
or a drink. Does not give money or ask. May be encountered at last. Hidden under a veil, described down below in the many references to wisdoms in power.

all today.
Listen to them laugh.
Listen to exclusions,

hauntings to keep ON
The little the glass
Look at the pieces, each one a shell
Eleven down under turned out to be the biggest place after HELL
Now there’s up to 7, then down to 6, 5 something buried

OH look at the time, you’ve missed. Why
don’t you collect a little paper
I must hold onto, Look at where they fethered
Now the God at the bottom of the stage
Left open. The word to word to this to that
Caught again
I don’t have to show
I can hear the last stomp.
Damn. Evil. they do this, when? I thought this was from
Im just going to gently hold and come
, of Nine & 6, hung, can’t be anything else but 96

now the wortheless move again
hear the sounds? the girls calling
to let you
know its time
to sweat and fall down


Pot Red on F»


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1:53 PM

Paul, me
 
so… (2) thanks,
my 668th email.

so I opened a gate…funny that I find an email at all. surprising. found a formula that seems to work for putting things places. Its hard to expl

10:49 AM
I receive the this but had already obsessively sent some. M0Re…


Apr 25

Hey there…you got lucky. 93

facts 1752. New Year’s Day changed from March 25 to January 1. ( I believe we both realized a strong sense of a “happy new year” was upon us on this day. THIS below information however, is exceptional in it

Apr 25

Tears of the magician Ive never used these squares before, I let it ____for a _____. I saw the creatures actually bring it to me on the floor, it was a blue book walking around I couldn’t see the entity until it

Apr 25

“____” (Steals nothing)

"The twenty and ninth enigma he asked, was this: rock thievery. Did I tell y out o was on vacation.

Apr 29yth
Good tvision. Black screen .

melek taus An old friend of mine in this city of Baghdad, echoing unconsciously an ancient belief, once told me that if ear and spirit can be cleared of the din of this world, one can hear at rare and high moment. Advise? Im not playing. I never have. Now there’s.

Apr 24
Allowing interpretation by avidents (Accidents, what are you loaded?) Hard drop 11QTH

b3d [Part 4. Hell]CHAPTER 16. 1. Afterward, Srosh the pious, and Adar the angel, took hold of my hand, and I went thence onward. (2) I came to a place, and I saw a great river which was gloomy as dreadful

Apr 24
Good to know
Look at this. A castle on it. F on 4
naogar (naôgar): A stick with nine knots, used in purifying ceremonies.

Apr 24


[No Subject]

Apr 24

_______. good ________. [ridiculous entry]

Apr 22

Somehow I managed to, wait how did this get here

P.A. I found her. She just plays on repeat. Your mom called for a meeting. OR the…your wife is in charge. OR she’s just the only one talking. Ooh and she
vault on vera vault on Vera
information in Temple of Solomon the King:
When the Books are opened and the deeds of
men are known, who dare say that there
shall be found aught

Apr 22

Ol! Altathiera zazare tofaa Miwela rono darala zabaa Re! Re! zacar tofaa marada Ata bewela to rafor rom kalom Bawa! Bawa! Ol! ata ludu to rafor balong Um –

faith says it should take out the dragging. The air there is jinxed. Giants win.

Apr 21

Boots. Are you standing there. I know those boots. Why do I control on to your house when I know you right there (I did not write this, I usually abbreviate, time change in hours, I surely never would continue there if I saw my associate invisible hiding from me almost half a mile.)

Common plant said to ward off OD…similarly garlic: the dead well preserved flower

Stone used in OD offerings - Found inexpensively at donation markets

Bells-The sound is said to keep demons away

missing information about the names of vampires. the “a” letter sound and similarily azL I L

r 17
The maturationcsquench of touching to TWO GoDODDe!SSES of portals. I replaced myself with a monkey. Theou gh time millions of chancws. Then I fund another door. Supposedly I was a7

in from “The Quest of Silence”
Freemasonry & Lillith Behind the veil of burning silence bound, vast life’s innumerous busy littleness is hush’d in vague-conjectured blur of sound that dulls the brain with slumbrous weight, unless s

Apr 1
Paul Allen defined
. … … …
recognizer, stick work, cat too

Apr 1
Paul Allen

elysian winds
I started reading this poem from that part, about _____,
and continued on. I’ve encountered much information

Apr 15
me in above novel. criminal insane
…me associated within without above lower lights out

illal taun tsus (3)

I know you do, you’ve said that before and I agree. also, remember I don’t ____ people might ____, but they rarely even let me leave them money anymore when I have it. anytime, you know

(page missing)
The ghost of the voice of the head of the horse running as Paul revere fromTV…first heard the voice…I ID it as Philip. One L. The HORSEMEN READ name. It spoketh::::

"& Pamela is still alive does that make sense to you?! "

Apr 8

P is nor a letter of the day or allowed in occulture


Mar 25

Paul Allen

Mar 17

Paul Allen set. Curfew 10 free f gray

Mar 17
Rachs bday. 119 reread it. Allowed missed mark on new bottle. Critical air days F ON SAT
[No Subject] even wehen I sent it finally., it double checked/tried to stop me : do you want to send this email? that’s why I pressed send!

Mar 17
[No Subject] base camp walk down and
Operation Clambake presents:
Oxford Capacity Analysis Operation
Clambake presents: Oxford Capacity
Analysis There are cults out there that need to be exposed, because they destroy people. The Church o

Orathrathethen charges AGAIN I am HOR. Choose your victim …O great Christmas conciousness self X demied. No ID safety in SAT what does that mean no alarms alarms alramalarms who do you geab. Her you two balloons 4 6 him them who chose? Not me I was

Someone called me D. A book once told me.
is K
Missing from the Evil God AF

[No Subject] (2) 2 or Enforce #2. I

Second all of last year 11 hits. Blocking troll shots. Killed my BAT. Pet bat. Was killed. By occultists. EVIL.
Mar 11


(2) NO ______

(BECAUSE it’s there)

of messed-up magick wait to swing before strikes.
there is no____
we force ourselves to expend energy,
therefore become less productive.

Question: Does this make sense to you?
C a child
The desolation wilderness, atop pyramid peak, running in circles barefoot and bleeding. F ON

Mar 11
FOUND BUNNY and secret probably lotto numbers I’ll never use.
Paul Revere has a horse. F gray remember touched.

emergency procedures Id like to think that sometimes things get a little carried away in my mind. but tonight absolutely verified a lot for me. ____ first goes into my room before he goes to bed, certainly to plant a ____.

Mar 11

found this picture of ____. (OWL)
see, now imagine *TO STOP QWAKE
Nothing scarier than a laughing buddha
He won’t stop deedabadeeya
bad noses off.
Cancel clear out .
No singing. Take and run
with viewers 4 20 375999
Surfacing all sides, not enough room
Deep end robot has seen enough

[No Subject] in all the research ive done on “___” the last week, almost every person says ____ often disguise themselves as human

Mar 10 the cortisol held not really party sleep naked 5

in this photo
photo from China the gods look like snack food characters
Mar 10
X watching money
i told you we had a code word knowing that you have a MASTERFUL circle

Feb 26
This has been under workwd.
Nor every corner should be cleaned

keep this code in case I need it. its something certain. 10uel @ Asetweekay: .92 (Let’s pre-tend it’s the week-end 2)
Week-end 2: 1181 141.72
The senior official human problem going reform. Dismiss reform. Every 1 denied
Where? : : C BATUM

Feb 26

this information is absolutely masterful
Dragon Ultraviolet dragonedit Invisible to the human eye, these tiny dragons like to play pranks, such as putting your keys and other small, irreplaceable items in o

Feb 26

Feed all the kangaroos my candle holder from another lifetime…that wooden thing… GUM BALL MACHINE

CurRRTAN people


"Dear Kayte
-+this was obviously a “code” that was not ment to be revealed=-

"…but please keep your posts focused "

Feb 24
Easy dxextdeegood things people.


it is devastatingly difficult for me to be outside in the sun.
I just sat outside for five minutes.
could barely get up to go inside.
extreme pain.
hardcore left hand path apparently.

Feb 23

Carp at benevolent level. Snake of k. No HP

FOUND IT ok, so we need THIS book, see if you have it and print it. This is the respectable one. No doubt.

_____ (As listed in the Ilathailitahantsus Main resource of nowhere, Category Split 4 WON 2

Feb 22
No rationalizariane fairh.
objective complete: steal masterful white gloves

“You think you’re lazy? I speak my spell onto a crayon and melt it in the microwave.” - commentor *

Thought it was a good quick

Feb 22

Paul Allen

V. 5 L. 8 Apostrophy Not Fine The Night of Enitharmon’s Joy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Night of Enitharmon’s Joy - Wikipedia, the free ency… The Night of Enitharmon’s Joy, often referred as The Triple Hecate or simpl

Feb 9
Natural path warning buys 5 .

V. 6 L. 8 Apostrophy Not Fine The Night of Enitharmon’s Joy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Night of Enitharmon’s Joy - Wikipedia, the free ency… The Night of Enitharmon’s Joy, often referred as The Triple Hecate or simpl

Feb 9 does this mean pingonks? Worse favors

Putting on the disguise


Jan 21

Paul Allen

allowed gifting

Jan 21

Paul Allen

if yu cannot stick

Jan 21

You’re right there 2. You’re safe. 2 :heart: ☆rqual fire monks dtreet. Whoosh yes

frward sent 9 Beaty lesson locking you all over. Learned by doing it. Obvious fakes.

Jan 21

Too much work done without cats

Jan 14
Horrible actions witnessed . Identified steps
Jan 13

Whewww boy

December 23E<E.R<D Saturn base 63, mistress 9 requests sending more detention denials. Asking for use to : block and reinforce bombing attack assassination attempts. Burned apartment of sexual attacke

Jan 13


Paul Allen you can email this account :3 also you can forward here whatever masterful bullshit you sent to the other as they were not retained further, please find the pdf attached. be advised; you don’t need to

Apr 27 at 1:22 PM

To Derections Halfed, Burned more than
Today at 10:49 AM


thanks, my 668th email.

so I walk into thegate…

funny that I find an email at all. surprising.

found a formula that seems to work for putting things places.
Its hard to explain…has to do with “sex magick” that

ooccurururs . I’m unecessarry to the monks. As always. As work out…on top bar and no well. No swimming views.fiģtong fighting feeling their wick healing tune HUMBLE BRAG QUIT WHINING. HEAT THE CQLL. DESDESXDSSESDESDESD 4 YEAR MISSIN F THEN RETURN ON FIRE. OUT CANDLE. 3 HORSEMEN.

using astrology (I know it its so weird, masterful BS, it works for something) I used the moon. We got 10 people at one time. S PA red the woman. Have nothing clean

and then doing something and not identifying it until later,
utilizing GOD balloon I Can get energy from Caterpillar
NET aswell (Formerly _____)
You are going to have to do something though,
I havnt figured you into this situation
(unless I so masterfully have that I havnt)
Huge surprise of gota"bethe worst fresno short term particle pollution…it’s getting close. What number are we…show us the bullshit San Jose city salt say this name now if you want in
Add news o. Sakatahmahtatastatsakatahma . Ripon Salinas root true love to you know who. Rabeesh to get it all out. Rabeesh
but anyways I Got this SERIOUS problem,
I’m trying to like
…not do something, and something else is getting
me And then…
well look at this rabeesh

TV show says “meet her at the farm” The train was off, the news?
Alt.documenta have better than my heart
Resent. Knowledge of Betty White is shared.

You, know, right Vicky?
Not clear
which was…
who did it say was there?
meet at a farm? I’m trapped! they must have ment “meat” But that is still “theyre at the barn”, no, it means “Bar” N is a confirmation of EnD message. The NO is is R, however, so it’s official. I’m banned. OR, that means there’s a band of something. Good choice, the band plays ON. Not right tho, the last place visited? Weather report: SAND IN EARS.

That’s the name of the mirror feathers placement. All wrong, alarms are blasting, codes are being hacked, rocks are being tossed in places , we’re not even in Egypt anymore.

The gehdahmn place is
it goes
when you accidently
and Hide
things from the Gods.
Look at how many holes in one.
Look at
games the joy the fun.


Dec 5, 2013 01:03 PM ET

jhauhreeak from rAlabasandria,
LUK MO VAY ANDe xgerated
& better
you know

The button broke
button isn’t even fix
the Angel is found in my Angels
in my no stop making me
Already way ahead,
it causes further
leaps homewardbound dogs more luck at this than


-Random city generator pinpoints the adsact location of the the time travel’s place i was trying to hit. -

I was here [this city]
it was there [through faith],
and then [somewhere lost 3 thousand years ago].
Yes. In fact. Then. In 2 places by mistakes.
maybe six.

Solve a device
Use rockc included
I can’t make calls
unless…there’s my I have the spirit stick ! and am feeling masterful.

Codes are canceling the existence of snakes, F ON

Now I’m getting a new message HEH

the stick asks, “Accept?”

and I hit “Deny”
t. FT FOff. #f
he one large one constantly attached to me takes off its hold.

Good thing I’m not afraid of bees now
locks keeping coming down . Horses got the secret name. Knot king.
I a AF a merry Katey gilded ruby born in view.
keep tricking the village people into tricking the pot makers into filling in the pots as they are being made. [KEY]

The spirit stick demonstrates. Paul revere has just urned into another Ben franklin. Free able not shut down. Look at him go. Ball room music and 2 more cats

Spinning to the right, then deciding to go left.
Then we play crouquet
and I forget

:about the failed and forgotten mission :: :
There’s a distraction and suddenly 3 hours has past again into One half 3 minutes to six and in the mirror upside with a next two have F ON

The rock
display was discarded by the priests,
They sip their tea and calm the flags,
Carried the message away,
it was today, wasn’t it? the “S” is implored upon.
Here, a sticky put on its side. Re enter now, renter stat.

Via Havek
accept the worst dogs buried as mine!

The way the stick, what it was doing, you make the pot/container AROUND the sacrificed dog. [KEY 2 FOUND]

See, when done, I didn’t know what for, so leaving it out, I say
“Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh.”

The presto key [3] is used, unknowingly, without me, but as a link.

Along with the F ON’s faireirs births, and Knawvehak’s mind & SAN D

NEWS CALLS There’s a seal in the river
: : : : : : : ::::::::::::::::::

“How the two animals were pushed into pots from which they cannot be extracted now remains a mystery.”

K Here’s the masterful proof (No kidding, I Couldn’t of done it without you. MY writing to YOU has done this. I don’t know what to say now? I have a reason to live? I can save the universe? K

K Invisible cars wake up,
they pull in passing through the parked car.
The demon now knows what comfortable seats look and feel like.

Oh, the secret of the ancient mistake continues.
Still. In Egypt. Down the secret part
broken rocked step of a Fall. LK

Carro is the crossroads, K
"theyre coming to getchu, Barbara"was used because of night of the living dead’s avoidance in this working.

I infact actually found the secret code of the ________ or so, the hidden _____ of hidden ____ that are hidden ____ around ____ things - signed KAF6

All of it is absolutely ridiculous. I’m literally being sucked off by a giant constrictor until I can. and there’s of course NO information regarding it online. My part in it all however is doing adsactly as I’ve stated, time travel.

I almost…NUTHING. whisper\

I’ll break it down for you real quick, it helps encourage my insanity of unecessarry things that lead to more masterful thinking. something keeps deleting and moving I know that,.


sandy fill
that was easy
for quick burials within a sacred space

Puppies for sale

First we note that I think of telling people about how I buried dogs (in order to…nothing) I do a search for this and identify new recent news


While three pots contained skeletonized remains of dogs, the last two housed Houdini and Chewie, two animals with their fur largely intact.

“Although it is common to find birds in pots, it is rare to find other animals buried in this way,
In particular, no canine burials in pots have been recorded in the many dog cemeteries scattered throughout Egypt. We could not figure out how such a large animal was fit into the pot, so we named him after the magician, Houdini.

However, mystery has overshadowed such mapping as it was not clear who was the first to discover the catacombs nor who carried out the mapping, and whether they were really for dogs.
How the two animals were pushed into pots from which they cannot be extracted now remains a mystery.

Without further examination and chemical testing it is not possible to understand the process by which these two animals were preserved,” Ikram said.


I used name(see 777) and the body of a horned RAM (also, once again, utilizing the absent but occurred on the day, sex intials misplaced ARM.

News ::::::::: See, I made the motions

Breed: Canary Dog used to go if spirit was near

Champion bloodline is found. 4a: 55 Now seated in hospital on hooks and water filling through nostril. Years in canaries. Years they saw from me. I did so no otber. Now where’d my sucked

However many thousand year weekseeks

Remember Tornado leave out warning View Details Earliest arrival in Egypt: June 7, 2015

& All monks never allowed Tank or s on this day, my b-day.

8 million. Studies on the mummies, Ikram explains, revealed that some of them were old while the majority were buried hours after their birth.

“in some churches people light a candle, and their prayer is taken directly up to God in that smoke. In the same way, a mummified dog’s spirit would carry a person’s prayer to the afterlife”.

Masterful interuptions
gentlwmen. That’s lefthand parh. OMGAWD the space suit he’s crafted. Is that Grey’s work. I like thhat f on hardcore.

Now. 4 this log scares me, note the times/dates (date inst too important, but the way the information comes through:

     Kelsey says: This is a great educational game and I learned a lot from it. There should be another game like this but about making a pyramid. That would be really cool. Love this game though and I keep playing it over and over again. 

March 12, 2015 9:38 pm

Kelsey says: I have been waiting for hours for this game to load but all I see is a black screen and I am getting really frusterated so please

March 12, 2015 9:50 pm

Vincent says: Hi Kesley, sorry to hear you’re having troubles loading the game. I’m not sure what the problem is, it should only take a few seconds to load.

March 12, 2015 10:45 pm

Vincent says: Hi Kesley, sorry to hear you’re having troubles loading the game. I’m not sure what the problem is, it should only take a few seconds to load.

March 12, 2015 10:45 pm

kelsey says: its okay i guess i can keep trying to get it to work

March 26, 2015 1:21 am

here’s some infor

Don’t play?
Kindly God of the Desert

Ta: (1) Enochian- trans. “as” or “thee”. (2) A name used in the use of a “magic carpet” for interrogating spirits in the Greater Key of

Telemene nkisi: Palo Mayombe. An order to a spirit to spy on someone.

Bakh, Buchis, and Bakha general appearance of bulls being a white body and black face.


now im reading

Continuance of membership of the ______ implies a contract to return to theRegistrar on demand, or upon resignation, demission or expulsion, all documents, rituals,rolls, implements, and

God im so fucked.

"Enterer of"The Hall o

is called of Truth that is

of the Goddess
, whose name has three forms

The Hiereus is charged with a warning address as again confirming the will of th
Candidate and addressing amenance to Evil The Hierophant then states

clearly what the Candidate must begin to study.
can be formulated between them

the Forces of examination is insisted upon so that this may


did you know they used to celebrate new years the last day of March?

66.96 HAVEYOUHEARDyorhead
The empusae remain after Lilith’s sit visit
one walks towards me, I look to where it should be, it retreats down a hall
now the door ways are guarded
a key of light comes through a shade, to the wall
the television goes underwater, the drowning voices bubble …
The Elysian winds that carried them in are not calming down
They’re dropping in
now an egyptian corpse stands before me, stomping his staff onto the floor
the spider vampire slams into the side of my head, un-fed and forgotten
short men keep coming in, as Lilith sits harder
Light bolts in places impossible; the couch!
the sixth cypress forged as black dogs run to your bleeding
The marks of death drip from above
The candle is useless, accidently popping several dukes
now I hear their steps, and clicks
Lilith has such great hair, she is gone with my seeds
I was supposed to have…now my teeth bleed
I had just figured out…but don’t really believe
The Devil made me do it…or so he’d have you believe
The fires up high, in a cavern, anatomy of insides above and below
No on there, just the blazing orange glow
Enepsigos…but fixed into Ereshkigal
I’d like it to be known I did make it known!
Don’t show, don’t! She cut me off at birth
And left me to be treated by Alabasandria, another un holy dame of the left hand of Hekete

Reply, Reply All or Forward | A DONATION

Send ::

Enjoy the view no 4CABLE period end date

K after KenET Bar Lo BeQ

Press Any Key to have K Continued.

error : supply code [ ? ]
6 careful applications

just trying to share some more of the desert working. Cant say its over yet. Still have to go back and re write the maps
holding the last parts on, forever under the curse of the thought it must be made to get out, remove your ego out.
but I spent all this work. you can do that or anything whatever
I cant only do this. Move through the faces
I lost the top spin
I betrayed the…I see you all sit around holding onto each of your turns. taking back from me what I got from you
centuries old. thousands of years to perfect
I can choose to not walk in somewhere and into
OH no…the thing that helps, what works is nothing.
this man took the wrong order
keeps forgetting the sight. plays against a current trying so hard to win back.
I haven’t seen any thing secret more secret than this here;
there is only a play or two left, before someone goes real mad.
IM not even sure, let me rethink this, stabbed.
yes I needed additional hit marks and bondage
Appreciative landers and no reasons to think
Major fires going. I hear muscle relaxing helps. morning. its really dark out. wow. See now this guy remembers me. I once took his chicken. I paid. I follow the steps of this make one look good so should look good before the lord. (whove we now found replaced) THis is so humiliating. This is the worst, I made someway out, so far. so falling back in.
second 5 am 10, arrested earlier, spies ignored, who cares?
Violence is NOT the answer.But yes, same target as last time
The bad bus driver. The one who took her down. I Don’t care who did it, I know that each step of all or any of this, before this, after, now, then yesterday. Its always been so cute and sick so foul and USED

Corked up, shores of the dead, great smells, look for you
SCheduled to meet leaders, sleeps in till further
Forgets to go somewhere, owes six now add 42
There’s no real sequence to anything, except when you know its
whe nthe voices scream and you ignore
You really should listen. They never speak again , do they?
Further down, here’s one to move up the marks, get some excitement going. Here’s one to show you I’m the one who can’t stop major lawns pulled up.
Wasted. I Thought I was the one and only one to ever to do this. All these days, same question, same hold. same lock, same push. same pulling. same shots. same stabs
same cork screws well in through roofs, push pull up , all you have to do is remove their old hooks
OH the mouth ones, the tear
the light taking off your hair
Care for a last cigarette? Someone get him a smoke.

Candel working more on crystal. song birds non stop all night. trap doors and the guard of the rails; Number Gang
Experiments are over. wait, the office said coming up. there will be more? FOR WHAT YOU SICK ONE YOU DIDNT WANT TO GET UP

I have fucking put something so big ontop I am NOTHING. I have SICK. That is all. Frequent in worry. Frequent the sit. LEt the corpse master bring the out honks out of you. look at YOU PANIC
Pushing harder onto the wounds with Candel’s sexy shoes.
I’ll push it further, if she lets me chew on the inside of another’s lip
just to get her swapped and sick too
Counsel me in, Corpse caught in hotter shoes. I Feel it hurt now. Thanks all. Thanks again for the amount to be able to do this. You’ve made mountains and now me, move completely tunnel wind grabbed the never through won’t leave. HEAD bigger than the TV.
Kick him and laugh
Look at how he has to hold it all in
OH my God, the banks are black
Look at how we’ve all been turned bitten black

poisoned sick, stop that

picture includes

the highway of lying down

Infested. Eaten. Out. MT

Angels shooting fire balls F ON

spirit gathering protection candle

Do this first before carpet and stick. the candle was used probably 10 unsuccessful times beforehand (All times unsuccessful)

end with crystal/blood pushed hard ON mirror with words of excretion/removal being subtracted. Example:



Do the mirror thing again, using binoculars to find it
put candle on carpet. visualize, guide, with spirit stick, the visualization, binding it to the opening candle. hold it capped for a moment.

Put candle and stick in chair, cover with purple blanket. Leave the house for a period.

IF the cat enjoys hiding under the chair, successfully created a servitor/defense “god” for the black candle

the crystal/mirrors/candle again with new god caught thing in crystal. add chicken.

important! not recommended:
Attach to divinate alternate objects
ex: black roses, nails, candy, books (unless transferring), animals or pets (1 time only use on frog), or toys

Did you shape that yourself? Looks like an owl, pretty cool! :slight_smile:

no but I should.
I found the owl candle for almost 3 dollars. I gouged out its eyes. I Forgot to mention that part. I imagine this might be more effective for the angels, I mean angel shaped candles. Oh! Or Santa

“Butterfly on Rock”, Irving Layton, 1963.

The large yellow wings, black-fringed,
were motionless

They say the soul of a dead person
will settle like that on the still face

But I thought: The rock has borne this;
this butterfly is the rock’s grace,
its most obstinate and secret desire
to be a thing alive made manifest

Forgot were the two shattered porcupines
I had seen die in the bleak forest.
Pain is unreal; death an illusion:
There is no death in all the land,
I heard my voice cry;
And brought my hand down on the butterfly
And felt the rock move beneath my hand.

who, what, where

Stichomancy derived from the same website.

The second excerpt represents the element of Fire. It speaks of emotional influences and base passions, and is drawn from She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith:
have been thinking of Bet Bouncer and the miller’s grey mare to begin with. But come, my boys, drink about and be merry, for you pay no reckoning. Well, Stingo, what’s the matter?

Enter Landlord.

LANDLORD. There be two gentlemen in a post-chaise at the door. They have lost their way upo’ the forest; and they are talking something about Mr. Hardcastle.

TONY. As sure as can be, one of them must be the gentleman that’s coming down to court my sister. Do they seem to be Londoners?

LANDLORD. I believe they may. They look woundily like Frenchmen.

TONY. Then desire them to step this way, and I’ll set them right in a

who is this, who is this?
Watch him lift off
No one can read your signature!
I saw him
HE took his time,
IF I ever get to the big leagues
I aint signing nothing!
Let me back to work!
HEy kidshow me how fast
You. You are the elite.
\ control . The emotions of elements. The thunderous pushing of wills. You cause interference. You go beyond your means.

…distracted now in the art of life.
I. I have taken the bugs out. I feel them crawling unseen. I bring about life through sick necromancy of taking what is only put there to keep me OFF

Prove the existence: WE of an organization

/ghost work
all you’ll find… IS.
panning cameramovement and endless names of your given parter ships or blood donating super fiends.
Of evil.

  • Luckily
    locked away NOW.

<applause lights flash on, the fans/groups all come back

  1. a reason
    they wait patiently only because they haven’t anywhere else to go. No biting.

6 . Complicated. ALOHA. OH geeze don’t be back!

when, why

a poem by a self of mine, about the ascension encyclopedia available after 7, concerning the NAA

alarms and back up
now entering or have I left?
Woe unto whosoever shall make war upon her when thus established
the last one
Q. Should I be worried?
This card is the crown of the piller of the future.
Card 11: “Death”
Rarely means death and destruction
Card 5: “Adjustment”
Card 1: “The Ten of Swords”
Thumb up from a friend
The significator is in the “Heh Final” Pack ,which suggests:
Material Matters
cannot access beauty, cannot understand
Who is the first?
First, 6th, 7th & 8th
wait, sicne when is this the Cartwheel galaxy?
No, it’s fine, let’s re-route however to the under belly of it
soul fragmentation! dogs biting my legs!
Dark Force Manipulation Methods? This looks like something
KEY found:
drop the
Armageddon Software
There is NO judgment
do not call them
___________________________ Press 9 to speak

I think this is an interesting way of it

heres another

Question: The thing on my mind

Answer drawn from

Shadow out of Time by H. P. Lovecraft:

diligently with a peculiar rod gripped in the greenish head tentacles. The huge nippers were used in carrying books and in conversation-speech consisting of a kind of clicking and scraping. The objects had no clothing, but wore satchels or knapsacks suspended from the top of the conical trunk. They commonly carried their head and its supporting member at the level of the cone top, although it was frequently raised or lowered. The other three great members tended to rest downward at the sides of the cone, contracted to about five feet each when not in use. From their rate of reading,

Q On women in the future?

The excerpt represents the core issue or deciding factor on which you must meditate, and is drawn from Verses 1889-1896 by Rudyard Kipling:
But weep that they bin too small to sin to the height of their desire, Over the coal they chased the Soul, and racked it all abroad, As children rifle a caddis-case or the raven’s foolish hoard. And back they came with the tattered Thing, as children after play, And they said: “The soul that he got from God he has bartered clean away. We have threshed a stook of print and book, and winnowed a chattering wind And many a soul wherefrom he stole, but his we cannot find: We have handled him, we have dandled him, we have seared him to the bone, And sure if tooth and nail show truth he has no soul of his own.” The Devil he bowed his head on his breast and rumbled deep and low: – "I’m all o’er-sib to Adam’s breed that I should bid him go.

Q on what to do today:

drawn from Island Nights’ Entertainments by Robert Louis Stevenson:

“This is your truth,” cried he, “and this your affection! Your husband is just saved from eternal ruin, which he encountered for the love of you - and you can take no pleasure! Kokua, you have a disloyal heart.”

He went forth again furious, and wandered in the town all day. He met friends, and drank with them; they hired a carriage and drove into the country, and there drank again. All the time Keawe was ill at ease, because he was taking this pastime while his wife was sad, and because he knew in his heart that she was more right than he; and the knowledge made him drink the deeper.

Now there was an old brutal Haole drinking with him, one that had

****I cant believe how important these are to me right now

THIS one really shook my head:

Q: Am I in trouble

and is drawn from When the World Shook by H. Rider Haggard:
we might tread it together, Humphrey," she added with passion, “and be rid of mysteries and the gloom, or that light which is worse than gloom.”

“Why not?” I asked eagerly. “Why should we not turn and flee?”

“Who can flee from my father, the Lord Oro?” she replied. “He would snare us before we had gone a mile. Moreover, if we fled, by tomorrow half the world must perish.”

“And how can we save it by not flying, Yva?”

"I do not know, Humphrey, yet I think it will be saved, perchance by sacrifice. That is the keystone of your faith, is it not? Therefore if it is asked of you to save the world, you will

Q. What should I Do?!

Songs of Travel by Robert Louis Stevenson:
And called and conquered mine.

The beacon-lamp that Hero lit No fairer shone on sea, No plainlier summoned will and wit, Than hers encouraged me.

I thrilled to feel her influence near, I struck my flag at sight. Her starry silence smote my ear Like sudden drums at night.

I ran as, at the cannon’s roar, The troops the ramparts man -

Q. make a movie, right?

Extracts From Adam’s Diary by Mark Twain:
out and brought them in last night and put them in my bed to keep warm, but I have noticed them now and then all day, and I don’t see that they are any happier there than they were before, only quieter. When night comes I shall throw them out-doors. I will not sleep with them again, for I find them clammy and unpleasant to lie among when a person hasn’t anything on.


Pulled through.


She has taken up with a snake now. The other animals are glad, for she was always experimenting with them and bothering them;

Q. I need to meet someone new, where should I look?

Pericles by William Shakespeare:
Even women have cast off, melt thee, but be A soldier to thy purpose.

LEONINE. I will do’t; but yet she is a goodly creature.

DIONYZA. The fitter, then, the gods should have her. Here she comes weeping for her only mistress’ death. Thou art resolved?

LEONINE. I am resolved.

[Enter Marina, with a basket of flowers.]


he produced. GOTCHA"
SLAMS BOOK CLOSED. "See ya on the next reel! "
- “The Player” 1992

Rejoicing instead of Reading

                             destined study for March 25th  (happy new year)

           ___ ____  of Gates

a Cheat code written in the sewers
circa 1570–1544 BC

recorded by Wallis Budge via time travel of the inaccurate British Museum (his artwork below from him)

Before accidently cursing yourself with his literature of Thutmose,
Curse your Representative:
rings, rings, not answering.
“Reth” , “Aamu” , “Themehu” , and “Nehesu”
TIP : Look like you’re going in!

However sometime recorded over a decade ago in early 2015 on an internet website disguised as PORN, hiding in the smallest letter on an “unavailable” webpage. Was a dinosaur that upon being clicked on twice. Reloaded. Clicked on 3 times and then clicked again after clicking the only number 4; THE window opened and from THE text came THE secrets unknown. Humility was all there would be to face for our ancient heroes. The Sewers had been reinvestigated again, but God was stopped, time ; it was destroyed, and history; altered. Eternity ; Always and available

Here is the only needed remains of what was hidden away for thousands of years concerning irrelevant gates. (if you want big gates go to south korea. big gate there)

Through the The Book __ _____, Curses are most likely, and secrets of antiquity are the only reward from this lost 1908 print…if found call : 1 800 Be-a-Hero (Wait 14 seconds before calling.

"Whats there? “Old Rocks, old trees, old water”, that’s what Cherry would say. I’ll say it too! Minus the trees! "

THIS below was the remain of an accidental simple “tour”, a cheat code of an artifact of the sewer, our savior, known always, or frequentely, or away, from



Gesair [secret] Out Entry

admission of : K [wortheless] witnessed
by the dark magicker ancient God AF

warned: : against and rewritings to save all souls of light

And it is for :: HIMTO
send the stars on their way

Welanuahoobin nisvalahulenya shelanzune
fila fripi n-him

AZ heard,
second thousands fifteenth year in the evil TUAT gates

the need of continue TODO
[check] Admission of failure.
[check] The call of looking really bad.
[check] Plan angel boxes.
[check] Serpents of use
[check] Seats, domains, fields

stamp reads : “received the eleventh division of AM NETUF”
attn. NUT : [name]

SO: so? SO? SO that he may come forth from the hidden place!

telegram : remainith in position. Covered in MA AT

Spirit gathering : Bread of HU, cakes, water pools [glass]


PORTAL goddesses found in the Hidden Chamber of things :

(one may accidently be a monkey)

to establish oneself on the secret banks

Who soever knoweth how to use the words shall be as one
who doth not enter this path

[hear all words - doesn’t work]

dasheo dasheoton dashe o teentwa

Amitetetu, unfold portal. Rope. 2 of the 4 goddesses,

"take [name]'s position in the field of Urnes
millions of times, she s ma at l e h e n sep "

Here I am. For I am
Sabra, Briatha, Brisara, HER

OLKDA [demon speak for ‘knots’]

Mail this request for deja vue or past life:

Tara striebam poritosa nari samaja bhoga ebamtini
prthibira upara paricita chilaya sudhumatra
ekati GLORIFIED dupliketa ya chila
ekati paribarika ibana ananda GLORIFIED mwaluso

If locked behind gate, conjure [or demon]

1 . Da O Sheonta
2. Altu Sakelumet
3. Olkda
4. Gesair Ghenata
or 5. Elkutoob

6 stars, 14 heads (?) oh, a dragon. Beware a thick snake
Put this on your door(s) and gates

na tugtar d’aon duine eilee
maith an bitean maith an fear maith thu fein
glaoch scairteadit
is teach is teach cunaryo lenarago
realta heka bandia

IG [13B]TU (computer virus)

Na egwu Odimma, Ohuru Okwu Nana Aga
Mara Akpu Ozo
Agwo Ononye monwemnwere eset na emeghe na imgi folds
na emeghe nalgi
folds bu idoubly akara vwa

3 Snake Women : Sooteca + Bewseeka + Tameka

Ud’dhata baje katha Aristotechniki malakies

UNK. [?]




Help : Mother Ilena susamatra

scrabbled from a speaker:

whozaheyawh shebelabelewb da bayalasaberlorr
Yesheroya mean
Hanemah a ta peotah dehamea yesheroya mean
mushanacagelk ata
Waolveefa Ahanema woolweefa

tukeeben leshem

pajahawafilumsjsaheeit fiumsahitafeeljeums


Malpirgah Zacare Quinn od semwen cu wellaow no canfelawe
daltra elemelaekefita tewwarwot
kelphta duwar wilhavdewiseka
Le Dorjshel Isaefer ledorashut isawfer
lilbaka the erahere
wena becalmatthatera

Thil Cooferya Taphonika
whodewt tibecut worwastib
tilbecut amarsa
leeduszhar telbejut Amaa MeHe Ouuf

“I wish to try again, without its being drowned”

Gogethirmantounoboe kokhirrhoder
dondroma lekhoker

As people continue to fall victim to the inspection for this book, letters or fragments keep slipping through, even to Mr. K as he desperately tries to prevent anyones discovery of its sick and evil nature. Some question why K himself didn’t just go back in time and take the place of the city planner, thus redesigning the cheat codes to the sewer. K complains it ended in an endless rivalry, but does appreciate the GOOD WORDS that do work, as found in the incantations for showing off infront of women.

– Shit found flowing through the 12 Lower gates/banned from the internet/

Out. Out upon thee, o thou rebel Serpent.
HE who is Over the front. And he over the hind
Out upon thee, thou monster that destroyest
thou APEP that sendest forthe thy evil emanations
Thy face shall be destroyed O APEP
Advance to the block of execution.
The Renthethen hairy beast and its kind say
they are against thee
Oat Em Khus and her sisters all hault and are against
More OTHERS unmentionable, they shall destroy
shall enchant thee by dashed little pieces
O Seprect Sess
ThOSE, in the scene, who have sticks
Keep ward over the rope of AI
Do not permit this WORM to approach the boat of
the great god. Pass behind, upwards
you. oh. RA
Appear, appear
AFTER transformation
Enter into the East…open gate, unfold portal
so that MAY illuminates the thick dakrness,
send light to the hidden abode
Let the two eyes of KHUTI
SEE ME, guardian of the great corpse.
Thou shalt never more rise up, or be found
I have destroyed thee
for RA
And I have made an end of thee
They head, slit folds are gashed
Never again in the boat of RA
Never again to the divine bank.
A flame of fire goes out against you from the hidden place
And we have condemned THEE
to THY dire doom.
Back, Serpent SEBA from KHUTI
gash the foul AF!
May air be not thought of
Be in thy nostrils
Notice my apparel in this TUAT
Praise RA, see the green herbs,
see my meat? Come unto us, who eye is FIRE.
Send light. Thank TEM.
I have been ordered. I appreciate
my plan and manner of existence
Now cease the filth and feed
put out and put in
Draw, RA.
Eat spawn of to stop what come from IT
That which is MINE to do, offer to my DOUBLE…
ORA KHUTI Hail the soul protected in the earth.
Thank YOU,
Return my bones, knit together my own flesh, to ME
Collect my flesh. Leave the couch,
bring ye into one place FLESH
Give me back MY field!
Oh RA return to peace.
Enemy, be fethered with arms tied to head.
THEY can win
Avoid the lake.
Earth for the dead, sky for the soul!
Hidden of hands and arms and possessing hiddenness
The place where my body is
GRanted by they who possess the hiddenness,
receive my forms, and embrace your hidden forms,
in HET BENBEN, cover the arms here
The KHU in peace , had each been judged by HIM
MAy sand be used! SEKHET AARU is home.Reth, Aamu, Nethesu, THemehu
Breathe to the head of Heaven
The Khu feed in the land of God Light
MY hand, let it happen, here to day, let it happen.
I am the figure of the drowned.

Editor’s note:
also irrelevant, but unrelated : COME YOU LIE LOT - A word to “SEE” Lilith wave to you.

The above statement of Lilith was so interesting that a fellow person went ahead and rewrote a version of Lord of the Rings to include the following passage to BAN GOD from you:

If you SEE any elves, or can turn into one, then two, then say this:

Person 1; Sweet Lord…
Person 2: …of the Rings. Run! Go! Go!

Person 1 and run running away, both say:

Lastog i’lamor?
man lu bedig
erin arad aphadol
evennin na Chithaeglir. Io anann mi edhil vaethanner dan yrch
a dan affaeg Egennin firn i chuinar nan had hen
sen tir
aphadel ryn udulem na i harch en aran fern i guina ha eithel nia
naid faeg nauthon i aran hen tol. no dirweg!
mae! Cuio! Vae!

You have made me, in response for this awful
curse, that you should think I have to not want that which is
dangled, I am no horse. I am the dangled! I have decided to take
the fates away from the fates!

I like ___

I like that ____

Traffic was a ____

Destiny contd. in LEGACY 1986, UNICORNS? TOM CRUISE? Destroy. Destroy Jupiter 2. so everyone gets adsactly what they want/selfish burns of watch/enjoy the relief/healthy at the core

So now Legacy ends with the demon winning AND (best part) Is your Love Strong Enough!


This is my new song. It is mostly a satire, not to be taken altogether seriously, with some Xtian childhood venting thrown in. I also take the piss out of the whole “Purity Ball” movement, a concept that never sat comfortably with me. Spoof+ truth:

The Impurity Pledge

Give me money, give me fame,
Sex and drugs, I’ll take your name,
Spread your word across the land,
Deliver souls into your hand!
I’m standing on the edge
And this is my impurity pledge!

I won’t be dressed in white
Or dance around a wooden cross!
My credibility would outweigh any other loss!
Old time waltz with my old man?
He’d criticise my feet!
They coat hypocrisy in sugar,
Til it’s sickly sweet!

They lied to me for 16 years,
I dared to ask for proof!
They tried controlling me with fear
And claimed to speak the truth!

Look at you, still clinging to
The crap they’ve beaten into you!
Repeat these words right after me,
I’m asking for the golden key!