Art journal (spiritual experience in art): Art project "The World of King Paimon" (temporarily)

Satolas (sketch)


Atrakeria in the desert (color sketch)


Hey um is it ok if i pm you?

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These are astonishingly similar to what I’ve seen and experienced in the Infernal Empire. One time in a lucid dream that felt like a bit more than just a dream, I was in a very large hall (albeit black and white) that looked almost exactly like the ‘Temple Of Power’ where I saw Orobas and some magicians doing stuff. I find it fascinating that many of the fallen angels you encounter have pointed ears and faces/hairstyles, which I’ve sort of gravitated toward seeing as the pinnacle of aesthetics. Do they have tails as well? I feel that pointed ears, mid-length hair, androgynous facial features, and long featureless tails (almost like large rat or opossum tails) are a popular and recurring set of traits from my own personal experiences “down there”.


Most of the times when I see the halls are associated with King Paimon and Beelzebub. But your mention of Orobas and the association with the Temple of Power interested me. I once tried to work with Orobas, but the interaction did not work out for one reason or another. Recently, however, I am increasingly beginning to think about trying to start interacting with him again.

I can’t say anything about the tails, because I never noticed them. But, for example, I saw Astaroth several times in the form of a black dragon (in this case, of course, he had a tail). Another entity that has a tail is Attakeria. But, again, only in the form of a dragon.

Everything that you have listed above (except for the tails) is very similar to my experience of “seeing” and “communicating” with beings of the infernal world. However, I will note that androgynous traits are inherent not only to them, but also to Attakeria with his “brothers”, as well as to those angels with whom I had a chance to communicate (Mikhail, Ariel).

Perhaps their image is constructed by our consciousness as a result of some subconscious and cultural ideas about these creatures. Perhaps, in part, their energy determines the form of manifestation. In any case, I try to display as accurately as possible in the pictures (without exaggeration or understatement) their features.


Nostre (sketch)


Lucifer (sketch)


Art project “The World of King Paimon” (introduction)

So, I begin to gradually bring to life my art project, which I wrote about in another topic. And, perhaps, now this topic will be entirely devoted to it, at least for a while (My experience with meditation and vision with different entities). I will work on some drawings faster, on some longer - it all depends on "inspiration” (although this concept is rather arbitrary).

All these images and their textual accompaniment, I think, will have some meaning (at least symbolic), and will embody the experience of artistic and poetic “feeling” (I believe that such a term is an important element of art in general, so how exactly the experience of feeling, experience, empathy, helps the artist, poet, writer to create).

Well, let’s see what will come of it and how the images seen and felt by me will be embodied on “electronic paper”. I love experimentation and this one will hopefully be interesting.

P.S. I always wanted to combine drawings with poetry so that one would be a continuation of the other. Finally, I succeed.


Image title: “Sunset”

Accompanying text:

And the sun falls into eternity,
And the sand sings songs…
Infinity is in my hands.
I saw the source of knowledge…


Image title: “Wisdom”

Accompanying text: This is an “older version” of King Paimon. I have never seen him like this (when communicating), but since he showed me this image of his, I drew it. The title of this drawing came to me immediately upon completion of work with it.


Great work! Poetry completes artwork, and when you write it will have different faucets. Poet = songwriter too.


Many thanks! I had been planning to combine poetry and painting for a very long time, but it really happened only now, when I began to integrate them into magical work.

Your drawing is wonderful!

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Thank you💗

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Image title: “Gardener” (or “Attakeria and fiery flowers”).

Accompanying text:

Listen to the whispering winds
And the rustle of the grass.
There are no earthly traces
At the edge of the blue sky.

And the moment and the sound - forever intertwined
In the patterns of being.
Immortal flowers lit up
Where is the land of fire…


I don’t know how this drawing fits into my project, but I leave it here. It conveys in the smallest degree, perhaps, the most beautiful thing that I have seen so far in all the time of my meditative experiences.

Imagine: an endless, lifeless desert stretches on all four sides. Not a soul around. The centuries-old sands lie beneath feet like a sparkling carpet.

And in the distance you can see a small, green island. If you look closely, this is a small patch of grass on which sparkling flowers sway, as if from an invisible draft. These flowers are not created by a human hand, as they seem to float above the ground, shimmering and sparkling like dew under the rays of the dawn sun.

Their swaying, brilliance, amazing overflows, together with the eternal silence of the desert, give rise to amazing peace and tranquility…

So, it was a lyrical digression.

I have already described these flowers earlier, but now they are embodied in a more “visible”, albeit not perfect form (this drawing was drawn earlier, but I supplemented it).

The poem is associated with Attakeria (this is something of a channeled verse, but I would prefer the expression “intuitive verse”, as the former sounds too rough and heavy).

The title came immediately after the drawing was completed.


it seems that you are a spirit of the desert. and you speak of a wonderful oasis.

My grandmother lived on the edge of the desert here in CA. I enjoy the smell of sage and dry dust. And the yipping of coyotes at night ( apparently coyotes in CA are much smaller than other parts of USA)

but if I had to associate myself with the land I would choose the forests and scrubland

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I would say that Attakeria is in the desert “temporarily.” Initially, I saw him in a different area. It was a mountainous area. The peaks of the mountains were covered with snow, below there is a forest covered with fog and a large waterfall. But the very origin of Attakeria is from the Fiery World.

I would love to be elderly in such an area for some time, although I used to live near the forest. I think that each territory has its own special beauty.

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Image title: “Lake of Silence”

Accompanying text:

Look not at the reflection in the water,
But at the essence of what the haze has hidden.
Notice the instant vision,
That the light wave wears.


Image title: “Faces” (or “The faces of the djinns”)

Accompanying text:

In the swirling smoke of hundreds of faces …
Like a thousand pages in a book,
So us are no less … look
Burning lights in our eyes!

Note: I originally saw it as a "smoky wall of faces”, but I think the drawing was able to convey the main idea.