Art journal (spiritual experience in art): an experience of comprehending Indian mythology

In this journal I will publish images of those spirits and demons with whom I communicate during meditations or that come to me in dreams, as well as memories from past lives.

Some art works have been published earlier in other topics, but here they will be presented more complete and supplemented.


Drawing of Attakeria - the keeper of the gates from the Fiery World - with his symbols.

The drawing is improved and supplemented, in other variations it was published earlier in other topics.



The drawing is improved, in other variations it was published earlier in other topics.


Three forms of my spirit.

The drawing is supplemented (added color), in black and white it was previously published in another topic.


I really love your style. Artist to artist. You have. Beautiful line work.

I also love the channeling of these beings. You capture them very nicely.


Thank you so much! I am very glad that you liked my work!

Oh, have you contacted the gatekeeper Attakeria? May I know a little more about your contact with this entity? Because Attakeria is in some way connected with me and my past life.


Sadly, I havent worked with this gate keeper yet. I once had a very vivid dream involving a being who looked very much like the image you made. But nothing official yet.

However, now that I say that, i imagine I will begin having more interactions with them. And when i do I will gladly share my experience with you.


I am actively trying to learn as much as possible about this creature, but the only thing I know at the moment is his occupation and the fact that he was an inhabitant of the Fiery World.

Ok, I will look forward to your results.


Sigil of Attakeria

I have long wanted to do it and finally I got it. Let’s see how correctly I displayed it and how it will work.



This was my first experience with him. Shamash appeared to me in the form of an old man with a white beard and golden eyes near a dark brown ziggurat. I felt, literally speaking, the breath of antiquity from where I was.

Maybe I’ll draw the ziggurat itself a little later.


Love it! Bookmarking this thread.
Demons love artists for this exact reason.


Thank you very much! I especially enjoy painting portraits of the entities that I have seen.


Manokhia (almost a portrait)

As I understand it, this is a marquis who serves or is in the court of King Paimon.

His story is in a separate post.

The drawing is improved and supplemented, in other variation it was published earlier in other topic. Someday I will draw him to his full height, but for now I will limit myself to almost a portrait)


Valley of sparkling stones

King Paimon showed me this interesting area. I am not particularly strong in landscapes, but I tried to depict as accurately as possible what I saw. Of course, when you see everything with your own eyes, it is much more interesting and beautiful. Deserted, rocky terrain. The sky is purple-violet, which makes the area even more mystical and intriguing. But the main attraction is the glowing stones. They lay alongside the simple ones, sparkling and shimmering in different colors. Big and small. Even now, remembering this, I feel the special attraction of the valley of sparkling stones.


Pillar of fire

Another form of Attakeria.

The drawing is improved and supplemented, in other variation it was published earlier in other topic.


Unknown demon/spirit - Astaroth’s assistant (sketch)

Several month ago, when I made meditation, I saw this demon near with Astaroth.

As far as I understand, this is Astaroth’s assistant. He was taciturn, serious, and looked somewhat older than in the picture.

I did not ask his name and did not work with him.

Has anyone met such a demon or spirit in their practice?


Sun, Moon and Tree

Sometimes during meditations, I can see a beautiful picture: a large and old tree, on the strong branches of which the Sun and the Moon shine. Sky: deep blue, decorated with thousands of thousands of stars. A mesmerizing sight.


Beautiful artwork.
Have you considered making
your own illustrated Spirit Catalogue?

When in the Astral, I like to use the form of a flying black snake-like dragon.


Thank you very much!

Someday I will definitely make a Spirit Catalogue. For me, an example is William Blake with his “Ghost Heads” series.

I also prefer the dragon form of all three)

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One of Astaroth’s children