Art and expression in dedication to Odin

The grey and then the earth,

The rain that pours

I feel the candle flames

And the cold breath of death

Just a longing for the past

And a distance from the future

Only those can hear my words

And know that an old man comes

From down the road

He makes his way

To my soul

He climbs from his clouds

He makes no gestures

Makes no words

Silent and watchful

He disguises his face in a strange sadness

In raging pulses as storms

Yet this spirit kindles a flame

It’s hard to comprehend

Secret wise and competent

Masterful yet in darkest lands

Do you know the riddle

Of my heart

To long to die

Yet to sing with grateful passion

For the light of day

For the rest of my time alive

I stand between the worlds

And I become a blackbird in the sky