Ars Vercanus - Advanced Magickal Techniques

I’m reading this book now!

I would like to know the opinion of the forum about this book and its information …

Can I have great development using the techniques and what have in this book ??


I would like to read about your opinion too


I’ve read it recently and it is good. To me personally I feel you will get more if you learn the base techniques from Franz Bardon’s Initiation into Hermetics first as that does seem to serve as the best base techniques to give a prerequisite understanding of what it means and how to stretch out your mind and etheric fields. Basically it Ars Vercanus runs along the same line of thought and tells how to put those techniques to practical external use more easily. The terminology takes a bit to get use to but everything seems accurate in terms of language and symbols.

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I should add I ended up doing one of the rituals from the book in my dreams and things seem to be going a bit better. It was the general blessing and prosperity one. Though I did it twice in my sleep which used up my energy for the day lol.

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I understand! Thank you!

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