Arokys's intro

My name is Arokys backwards I’m 18 and a Satanist I’ve had three premonitions the first one has happened already, my premonition was me going to hell and going down this gigantic hole in hell and flying out on a dragon, when I first became a Satanist I had an out of body experience and Satan took me to a hidden place in hell and introduce me to a black earth dragon named Eragon. The other two premonition s I’m still waiting for them to happen, I’m 5’7 hazel eyes and come from a spiritual bloodline in the future I plan on summoning an egragore that is known to be the devil of Wiccans also known as the three horned God. I’m working with Marbas and plan on working with Abraxas, I love horror movies and chilling wit the fam, I’m single looking for a partner😉 I use a spirit box to talk and chill with spirits mostly daemons. I casted a spell on myself when Satan was in the room with me, the spell that I casted on myself turned a part of me into a demon. I don’t like winter, I love the warm months. My Zodiac signs are Cancer and the Serpent. I use music to amplify my meditation and my emotions, if u want to know more about me, MSG me!