Army of Djinn, Possibility and/or Hypothesis?


As I plan for coming of King Paimon, in which I will approach him for my request of having a Djinni companion/lover/Spouse (if you guys have any helpful advice on that request, or how I should Evoke/Conjure the Great King of Hell, please PM me right away), this thought has been running through my mind, and since I also got a copy of Smokeless Fire: What would an Army of Djinn be like, if you can command such an army with little to no difficulties what so ever? I’m somewhat familiar with what one Djinn can do, what about an army? What could you do with such an army? Or even if it can be possible? (Please take note, I’m just asking King Pamon for the One Djinn, either a Maarid or an Ifrit?)

I guess this would be mainly for those who are experts on Djinn, so I’m eager to read your insight and see what I’m getting myself into? I do have pretty ambitious goals, you probably picked up on those if you saw my other topics, anyway can’t wait to hear from you.


Lmk how it goes, I’ve read up a bit on djinns. Tried to evoke one but not sure what happened.
The book I read was by Baal kadmon. Keep us posted if you don’t mind please


I have the same book by Kadmon too, and yeah, I’ve decided to go to King Paimon with one Djinni, and I’ll let you know how it goes though. Just out of curiosity, what would you do if you had an Army of Djinn? For me, like I’ve been planning for a very long time: Build a damn town/city of magicians/fellow Occultists and other practitioners of our craft…maybe an Empire, I don’t know, which would be cool by our kind? I’m leaning toward City/Town, because think about, which is more efficient, a republic or an imperial state? Though the Djinn army would be our great army, though I’m not 100% certain if it would be idea for them to be offensive or defensive purpose, though one thing for damn sure, the Sila division would be RND guys.


Lol didn’t think that far, I just wanted my girl back. Hahaha …


I’ve thought of that too, before I found out she was in a happy relationship with another woman…so, since I can’t find another girl like her, or any open-minded gal, screw it I’ll go for Djinni babe, who can rock my world.


Keep me posted what happenes. Did you buy your stone or anything to capture the djinn in ?


Yeah, bought this one ring with a dragon blood Jasper stone on it, so I at least have a vessel for her, but I’m going to King Paimon, because I wanna avoid binding the Djinni against her will.


Wow great idea!!! the djinn are wonderful beings, are perfect for black magic, perfect allies. The power would be unlimited for the one accepted in their family, right? Keep us informed with your results


Yeah, I wish could give a definite answer, but my knowledge on the Djinn are limited, I just know about the types like Maarid, Ifrit, Ghoul, and Sila. Though I do think it would be a grand use of power to have an army of Djinn, like Ifrits being the soldiers and the Maarid most likely being guardians. Oh another idea for the Sila to help build, STARSHIPS! Just in case, if ignorance wins and we the magicians, sorcerers, witches, and others of our kind need to find another damn planet if the city is overrun by the hardcore fanatics of Abraham.
Though, I’l keep you lot in the know, as soon as I do.


Then who are the wolves? I imagine beings with free will would have a stronger bite than those who lack free will? (Not being defensive, just genuinely curious)


Also, question: What would you do, if you had an army of Djinn? You’ve read mine, so yeah just curious if you have similar ambitions or not?


When I think of djinn information, I think of Nineveh Shadrack’s work. Evoking, in my experence, jinn is a different ballgame than evoking demons/angels. You evoke in simular ways, but the end result told me that jinn are something else. They seem to me to be more voodoo-ish. If you get in good with Jann, who have the allegence of many jinn, then you will be good to go. Kinda like Pappa Legba. Just remember Jan is a king, I treat him as such.


Do you know the ritual off hand, at least on how to evoke/invoke Jann? Also, okay I know Jann is the father/King, but I had no idea you could contact him, this came off as a “Holy Shit” revelation!


Well i probably go into politics and transform cities, provinces and later on countries. I see unlimited Potential in having an army of Djinn


Not a bad idea, kind of had the same idea, if I thirst for a ease and peaceful conquest, like if the city I mentioned is doing well, and I figure why not expand? The world is need of our kind’s rule, and we shall accept our place as the new Watchers.


Sorry for not getting back to you promptly. When I did an evocation of Jan or Jann Hloy Father of the beings made from smokeless Flame, I found his sigil online and wrote it on a piece of paper. Be sure to draw a circle around the sigil if one is not there. (It works better, dont ask me why), and I took a 2 day evocation. The 1st day, I carved Jann in hebrew on 2 candles while I chanted something like, “Jann great King and father of Jinn, tomorrow I would ask to have a sacred evocation for an allegance with you to allow me to command others in your hollowed name.” The Hebrew spelling of Jann should be something like Yod, Nun, Nun. The next day draw a circle with what ever you consider most high’s name inside and put out some incense and I always make a blood or bread offering. If bread, put it in a plate outside of the circle. Dont eat it afterward because the essence of it will be gone. If blood, I usually cut myself and put a drop on each candle which should be burning outside of the circle. Take out the sigil look at it till it is activated and your astral vision begins (things have a white or bright hue), then call his name and title over and over. He will be there.


Got the sigil for Jann?


I just looked for it and couldn’t find it again. Do you know how to use the Golden Dawn’s Rosy Cross to make your own? When I cant find a sigil, I use it. Ill keep looking. If I find it, ill try to post it here.


No, I’m not familiar with that? But if you do find it, PM with it.